Learn the benefits of clearing your space and how to use your pendulum to clear the “hitchhiker energy” you pick up as you go about your day. Learn tools to gain freedom from the hitchhiker energy in malls, elevators, public and private places. Have fun and become “cleared” in this ex- periential class while enhancing your skills. Some Pendulum Experience Beneficial Bring your favorite pendulum or a tea bag on a string with 1 quarter taped to each side of the teabag. Zoom Link emailed from Con- scious Design Institute prior to class Questions? Contact Online Dec 08 7-9 PM Conscious Design Institute

DECEMBER 11… GALLERY EVENT with Ray Sette – Join Psychic, Astrologer, Spiritualist and Medium, Ray Sette as he con- veys messages and imagery from the Spirit Realm. At Mystical World, 648 Ridge Rd, Lyndhurst, NJ 201-896-3999; your invest- ment is just $65.00, limited to 6 participants.

DECEMBER 12...ACCESS BARS CLASS - 9am – 5pm A class that has the potential to change anything! Learn to give and receive Access Bars, a light-touch energy process for dynamic change. By gently touching 32 points on the head, one can release the energetic charge of thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and attitudes that create limitation in your life. Create the change you are longing for, opening you up to more peace, possibilities, ease and awareness. No prerequisites required. Theresa Obssuth, BF, 22 Madison Ave., Paramus. 201-655-3836

DECEMBER 12...FIRST EVER MCNJ VIRTUAL PSYCHIC FAIR on Saturday, December 12th from 10AM – 5PM. 12 Intuitives will be available via individual Zoom and Phone to give readings: Tarot and Oracle cards, Past Life, Astrology, Animal Communication, Mediumship, En- neagram, Medical Intuition and others. See www.meta- for list of all vetted psychics and how to sign up for times most convenient for you. First come, first served!

DECEMBER 14...A COURSE IN MIRACLES ON ZOOM ~ Join Chad Shober as he teaches from A Course in Miracles shar- ing the miracles that have occurred in his life. Anyone is welcome whether or not you have the book. The meetings are from 7 to 8:30, $20. For information contact Chad at chad-

DECEMBER 17...Joyful Meditation Circle with Lois Kramer-Perez, C.Ht Going Deep into Gratitude and Joy with Neuro-Transformational Meditation You are ready to release stress & take control. You know how awesome it feels to start living with choice rather than reaction. What if I told you that you’ll find immediate relief from the stresses of the world we live in today?

Through breathing, visualization and guidance, even the most active minds are surprised to find ease by clearing the self, using these simple personal clearing techniques. No expererience required. Registrants receive the zoom link from Lois 6:30 pm – Questions? Ask Online Thursday December 17, 7-8 pm


JUNE 12-19... 2021. HEAL YOUR LIFE workshop leader training based on the philosophy of Louise Hay... Tampa, Florida...


ARE YOU suffering from an emotional trauma? I had such an event as a child that set the tone for how I treated myself for 3 decades. Then I stumbled on Reiki in 1998, I was SO ready for the healing to begin. Reiki is an energy which allows you to gently heal from the inside out. A Reiki Practitioner uses hands-on-healing to release energy densities which helps heal your body, spirit and mind. The practitioner facilitates what you need to work on. We are not therapists, we move energy for the highest good. Reiki sessions are available Tuesday-Saturday at. REJUVENATE Sanctuary, 174 Westwood Ave, 2nd Floor, Westwood, NJ 07675. 201-666-2600.

ALL THE DENTISTRY You Need Under One Roof...We don’t use fluoride. Some studies show that it can potentially affect a growing brain so we use an alternative that is very safe and very effective. We don’t use metal/mer- cury because, to the hyper- sensitive patient, an adverse re- action to a dental material can be toxic and result in serious health problems. We use digital X-ray machines which means your radiation exposure is decreased by an incredible 90 percent. Dentistry For Your Entire Family! Emergencies Seen Same Day (973) 755-2117 Holistic Dental Center Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky 91 Millburn Ave Millburn, NJ www.holis-

WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY, the teacher appears: The Metaphysical Center of New Jersey (MCNJ) announces it's Winter/Spring Semester of classes. We invite you to join us and embark on a path that will expand your understanding and illuminate your life. For our list of class offerings and enrollment info go to: www.metaphysical- or contact the MCNJ Director for Ed- ucation: Peggy Neligan at 201.447.3556 • 845-359-6902 • 43

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