Environment to Clear Away Old Energies & Welcome In The New

The basic idea behind energetically

cleansing a space is to clear out old energies that may be of a lower frequency (and may be perceived as “negative” energies) and bring in energies of a much higher frequency (“good” or “positive” energies). This

can be done in a number of ways, including using smoke (such as from wood, incense, dried herbs), aromatherapy, salt (think himalayan salt lamps) and sound (think crystal tuning forks and bowls). My preferredways to cleanse a space is to use smoke and/or

FloridaWater. Before we discuss the use of smoke for purposes of clearing away old energies and refreshing your space for allowing in the new, it is worth taking a moment to state that while the process of smoke cleansing and ‘smudging’may seem similar, the meaning and purpose of each one is quite different. ‘Smudging’ is not cleansing; rather smudging is the burn-

ing of indigenous herbs used as a sacred element of ritual and is symbolic to indigenous culture, spiritualism and heritage. While ‘smoke cleansing’ is the use of smoke to cleanse an environment and can be performed by anyone. And while ‘smoke cleansing’ can certainly be incorporated into cleansing rituals that might include elements such as spells, crystals, incantations, tarot, prayer…the term ‘smudging’ itself should be exclusively reserved for those indigenous peoples that per- form it as a sacred rite. I like using smoke because it has the ability to purify in a

number ofways. It is physically purifying as heat releases scents and oils contained in the plant material used that often have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It is energetically purifying due to the different associations that the plantmaterial may be linked to, such as the elements (air,water, fire, earth), or intentions, such as grounding, protection, health and so on. And it is emotionally purifying as it activates the sense of

smell, which ties into our limbic systems and activates our emotions. While in the past I have used Palo Santo to cleanse,

unfortunately it is rarely harvested sustainably and deprives indigenous peoples of material sacred to their rites. If you do use palo santo, please seek out on the highest quality sources for this material. More sustainable materials to use are dried herbs and

herb bundles, and high quality incense (such as those that are hand-crafted and use natural oils, no synthetic scents). Some sustainable herbs that you might consider are Rosemary, Mugwort, Juniper, Pine, Thyme, Lavender, Spruce, Cedar, Fir, Garden Sage, Bay, Rose, Peppermint, and Lemongrass.

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How to Smoke Cleanse Your Space Choose your material carefully and think about how and

where you want the smoke to go.You might select a vessel that has meaning to you, in which to burn the material, and you mightwant to use a feather or fan to distribute the smokewidely across an area. Remove any items from the space that you do not wish to

cleanse. Treasured gifts may be infused with the energy of a loved one passed, for example, and you will want to maintain that energy in that object. Open the windows to allow for air flow and the release of

stale energies. Then cleanse yourself before you begin, by moving your hands through the smoke andmoving it over your front, your head and down your back. Then center yourself and set your intention. Itmay be some-

thing simple like ‘I ask assistance in purifying this space, releasing any old, outdated and negative energies, as I make room to welcome in the new’. Light your plant material (wood, incense, herbs, etc.)

Gently blow on the stick or bundle to create smoke that you can use to waft around the space. I like to make sure to focus on corners, around electrical circuits, entrances and under and around furniture,working fromthe back of a roomto the front, moving the old energies out of the space. If there are objects in particular that you wish to cleanse specifically, you can simply cover themin smoke or if they are larger pieces, circle the smoke around them. As you clear, intentionally ask for new, positive energies to

replace the old. Once you’ve completed the process, you can keep the ash

in the vessel inwhich you burned thematerial or deposit it out into nature to go back to the source…and always remember to offer thanks to your guides, angels, deities, or Spirit, for assistance with your ritual. Cleansing frequently can help keep you healthy, balanced,

and energetically attuned, and is especially important during these challenging times. You might consider performing a full house cleanse at the end of the year to help release 2020 and welcome in lighter, brighter days ahead.

Brandon Conners is a PsychicMediumand Reiki Healer

specializing in a number ofmodalities including environmental cleansing. You can reach himat, 914-907-9398,, or followhimon Facebook at /skyscapehealing.

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