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ExperiencingWhatWe Desire Dr. AnneMDeatly

In his book, Feeling is the Secret, Neville Goddard explains the secret of getting what we want.

“Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled. You must imagine that you are already experiencing what you desire.” Neville Goddard

Consciousness does not know the difference between

imagination and reality. It can only functionwithwhat it is fed. Our consciousness only acts on what we put into it. The laws of energy flow operate on what you put out

energetically. comes back to the original source. That is why it is SO important to think and feel on higher vibrational frequencies. Whatever we desire, we must feel the feeling of

already receiving it.We are already that desire. I would like to add another dimension to this under-

standing that may or may not help. If we are passionate about becoming something or if we want to experience something (like success in a particular field) orwewant to have a new material object, then we have to experience that desire in the present moment. I call this being in the “energy or spirit” ofwhatwewant. It is critical to have the feeling or the vibrational energy of what we desire in this present moment. Ifwe have a desire thatmeans it is already available to

us. That desire is already energetically in our field.Nowwe just have to manifest the desire into the physical world. Manifesting what we really want is easy if we don’t sabotage it by doubt, fear or worry. The truth is thatwe have been programmed by society,

by parents or teachers that we don’t make the cut, that we aren’t good enough. We are programmed for lack and limitation. Sowe verify lack and limitation bywhatwe see and witness in our lives. This truth is we only see through our own perceptions; therefore, we reinforce lack and limitation in our lives.

We must change this

programming because it stops us from being our best. This programming stops us from seeing the abundance in the universe. This programming stops us from realizing that we are Divine. We are connected to Divine energy and if we open up, the Divine energy flows through us as us. A change in how we think and our consciousness is

necessary to get what we really want. Our imagination is the key instrument for changing our lives. Imaginationwill help us envision that we already have what we desire or we already are the person we want to be. Imagination will help us feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled. If you or someone you know wants help and guidance

in assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled, please con- tact me. (, 201-925-1046).

Dr. Anne M. Deatly, previously a research scientist,

is an advanced energy medicine practitioner and Director of EQuantumBreakthroughs ( E Quantum Breakthrough’s mission is to use energy to help people break through or transcend the barriers that limit them from living and achieving at their highest potential. Don’t waste another day to transform your health, wealth, relationships and happiness. or 201-925-1046

Breakthrough the barriers that limit

you from living and achieving at your highest potential!

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