Anyone Up for a Rebirth? As we head into the last month of

2020, many of us are ready to turn the last page of the last chapter. But before we do, we should take advantage of the Winter Solstice and the energy of rebirth that it represents.

TheWinter Solstice is the shortest day of the year,

a time when ancient peoples thought the sun stood still. Although this was commonly knows as the beginning of the famine season, it was also a time of great power and positive forward movement. Did you know, that on December 21, in: • 1620, the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock and

found a society thatwould allowthemtoworship freely. • 1898, Marie and Pierre Curie discovered radium,

which ushered in theAtomicAge. • 1968,Apollo 8 landed on themoon, andNeilArm-

strong took those that first step for man, and giant leap for mankind. Aswe look forward to longer days and the return of

the light, let’s focus on creating the right energetic environment to support our intentions. There are hundreds if not thousands of ways to do this. You can sage yourself, your home, your business to cleanse the energy.You can fast,meditate, and pray to change your energy within and outside of yourself. You can gather with friends, family, and like-minded individuals to set your intentions for the NewYear. You can also engage the services of a professional

dowserwho understands the significance of the shifting energy of the heaven and earth’s magnetic fields. Aprofessional dowser utilizes brass divining rods

to identify positive and negative energy sourceswithin your home or business, then places copper curing rods to amplify or block these energies to create balance and ease. So as we look celebrating the holidays and ringing

in the New Year, now is the perfect time to resolve any disturbances that prevent us fromfocusing on the future we want to create. By turning our attention toward the attainment of our goals and dreams, we call them into our lives and the lives of those around us.

If you’d like to set a foundation of positive energy for

your home or business in 2021, visit or call Jeanie Pasquale at 845-709-5245. She will be happy to discuss how you can create a happy abundant foundation for the NewYear.


Join Chad Shober as he teaches from A Course in Miracles sharing the miracles that have occurred in his life. Anyone is welcome whether or not you have the book. The meengs are from7 to 8:30, $20.

For informaon contact Chad at

Feng Shui Consultations with Vikki Anderson

Certified Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner Homes * Offices * Landscape

Realtor and Home Staging * Interior Design Presentations * Classes 570-215-4223

The JourneyWithin is pleased to announce

The Development of Mediumship Beginners class & Mediumistic Empowerment Circles— ongoing Tuesday evenings 7:30pm

with Rev. Janet Nohavec & Guest Tutors The Beginner’s class is designed for those students

new to mediumistic development. The ongoing class is specifically designed for the

unfoldment of your mediumistic gifts.

Personal attention and instruction will be given to each student.

The Empowerment Circle is for all students who wish to deepen their connection to the SpiritWorld. Those attending

this circle should already have a foundation in place for evidential mediumship.

$20 donation to the church per class/circle *you must arrive promptly—no late arrivals will be admitted* 973-616-9685

25 Carr St, Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442

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