By Peggy Neligan forMCNJ Trying to get guidance on your

love life? Your career? How to copewith the pandemic?We all are

looking for answers—from the deepest questions about our existence to themostmundane issue aboutwhat to cook for supper. One of the ways in which people gather information is by

getting a psychic reading. Maybe not to get guidance about your dinner options, but it is very helpful formore important areas to get insight frompeoplewho are experienced and “tapped in” spiritually. There are many different kinds of readings you can get. It

really depends on the questions you’re looking to answer. Do you want to connectwith your loved one who just passed on? Then you want to talkwith a psychicwho doesmediumship, sometimes called EvidentialMediumship, because they bring in direct evidence from the spirit world that perhaps only you would know. Tarot, Angel, and Oracle card readers are psychics who use a

deck of special cards plus their own intuition to help you get answers to your questions. They have studied and been trained in the meanings of the cards and can share what they mean related to your questions. The same cardmight indicate that amove is in your future or that you will be moving to a new job depending on what information you are looking for. A shaman, healer, or medical intuitive may be trained to read

your aura. Sometimes they are able to indicate where in your body your energy field is blocked and needs clearing.Using their insight, they may be able to give you guidance on an energetic level that may help to clear an emotional or physical issue. Sometimes people have questions about their pets or

animals that show up in their life. An animal communicator is able to connect with the pet energetically and then tell the client information the pet wants his owner to know. Sometimes a picture is helpful to the psychic, but it is often not needed as the connection happens on the subtle energetic level. Certain psychics are trained in the use of divination tools such

as the I-Ching, Enneagram, or even Astrology and give readings using those methods. Runes, charts, symbols, and numbers are all helpful instruments in the hands of a trained intuitive as they explore their meanings based on the questions you have and the information you seek. As inmany areas of life, there are good and not so trustworthy

psychic readers. The old idea of Gypsies who tried to trick people into parting with theirmoney has given the field of Psychisma bad rap and yet it is important to know who you’re dealing with when you do get a reading. There are many online sites and lots of psychic fairs so a word to the wise is helpful.

That’s why the Metaphysical Center personally vets each

psychic reader and can offer their services with confidence. Please enjoy the upcomingVirtual Psychic Fair. It’s our 12-12-12 event: 12 Psychics giving readings on December 12th. See our website for the twelve psychics, their area of specialty, and the times they will be available between 10AM and 5PM EDT. Bring your questions and know that someone will be ready to answer them for you—psychically!

Near Infrared Sauna NowAvailable @Holistic Harmony

Near Infrared Health Benefits

EMF EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field, one of the four fundamental forces of our universe.All electrically powered devices emit some electromagnetic radiation. Our homes con- tain wires carrying 120V (US) current to supply our electrical appliances and even these wires emit some EMF radiation. Near infrared saunas only have wiring on the lamp panel and the lamps themselves emit virtually NO dangerous EMF. Deep Tissue Penetration Near infrared light has been shown to penetrate deeper into tissue. NASAhas confirmed NIR light tissue penetration up to 9 inches. Color Therapy Red near infrared lamps emit mostly orange, and yellow light. Colored light therapy (chromotherapy) is a time honored modality. The orange, and yellow light have been linked to moving energy downwards to the most needy chakras. Red Infra light has been found to stimulate the adrenals, testes, ovaries, and growth. Orange light stimulates the intestines, liver, pancreas, and assimilation.Yellow stimulates the spleen, stomach, and digestion. Healing and detoxification may be enhanced. Joint &Muscle Pain Low level light therapy has been shown to reduce joint and muscle pain in animal studies. Penetrating near infrared light appears to address joint and muscle problems from multiple angles. Focused Energy Rotating and moving closer to the near infrared lamp source allows focusing and concentrating the infrared energy. Deep internal organ are more easily reached for deep tissue healing and detoxification. Tissue & Cell RepairAnd Protection Infrared light has been shown to reduce lipid peroxidation and increase oxygen production preserving delicate cell structures. Near infrared light shortens cluster chains promoting detoxification. The presence of cell receptors called chromophores within our bodies illustrate our need for near infrared light. Energy absorbed by these chromophores is used to facilitateATP production, the basic biological energy storage unit.More cell and tissue energy allows more healing. Nitric Oxide Near infrared light promotes nitric oxide production in our cells. Nitric oxide is used by our bodies to regulate vaso-dila- tion and provide antioxidant protection.Many medications and supplements are widely used and prescribed that provide or in- crease nitric oxide to treat many problems. These include ED, circulatory diseases, high blood pressure and more.

New client special - 1st 15 minute session only $15! Call 973-454-9780 to book your session today! Holistic Harmony* 152 hamburg Tpke* Bloomingdale, NJ • 845-359-6902 • 31

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