ROOM FOR RENT... Westwood, NJ. Holistic practitioner setting.

NEWLY EXPANDED THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE CENTER seeking professional, seasoned massage therapists as independent contractors. We're located in Bergen County. Please contact Jaime for more details. Harmony- Please include if you have a specialty, why you got into the massage industry and where and when you went to school.

WANT TO HOST AN EVENT? Call us and We can help you host one! 201-357-2347

We are considering Healers, Card Readers and Psychics for our healing space in Bergen County. Will be paid 1099, must have own insurance. Please text 551-444-2297 for more info.

CREATING POWERFUL AFFIRMATIONS Frustrated that your affirmations aren’t working? Learn how to order from the Cosmic Kitchen. Relax and trust the Cosmic Chef to deliver your order. Free downloads of dozens of affirmations.

HEALTH AND HEALING SHOP SEEKING BUSINESS PARTNER...I own a small, established health shop and spiritual boutique in an affluent area of Northern NJ. My goals are to expand my established business into a highly profitable entity. I would like a partner who will help grow the business and share the work. I have a great location, unique healing products, knowledge of my industry , ded- ication, a loyal customer base, a market for my products, the infrastructure in place and an online and social media pres- ence. Ideally you will have money to invest and /or financial management and business skills (and interest in health and healing) to increase the revenue streams. Please text 551 444-2297 if this speaks to you

THE WELLNESS GALA that has been doing live events for over 12 years to bring holistic modalities to the main- stream, is expanding by offering a Directory of experts in the fields of health, beauty, wellness & fitness.We have various levels to fit your marketing needs. These will help you gain high visibility, grow your business, showcase your expertise and give you direct exposure to the public. We’ve done the work so you don’t have to. visit or call 973-713-6811

BERGEN COUNTY, NJ...I am looking for a NJ Licensed Esthetician that would like to join my private practice. Days I need help are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. My clientele range in age from 12-85. I offer complete esthetic services: Facials, Microdermabrasion, Waxing, Body Treat- ments and Retail Products. My services also include Oncol- ogy Esthetics, per my certification. We specialize in Organic Treatments focusing on a Holistic Skincare model. This is my 16th year in business and I have been at my current

42 • • 845-359-6902

location since early 2012. The space is 940 sq feet with a reception, retail area, bathroom, dispensary and 3 treat- ment rooms.If this is something that interests you please contact me via email:

DECEMBER 01...PLAYING WITH PENDULUMS with Lois Kramer-Perez, C.Ht. Are you curious about pendu- lums? Pendulums have been used for “dowsing” and “ accessing intuition” for hundreds of years. You may have seen people hold a ring on a string over a pregnant woman belly to see if she is having a boy or a girl. Pendu- lums have become a very popular tool today. Learn the basics about pendulums. Learn how to set your pendulum to access information. Find out what to do when you do not have your favorite pendulum on hand. In this class, practice using the pendulum to receive information and learn how to begin using your pendulum to clear your space, clear yourself and clear others. Have fun in this ex- periential class learning a valuable tool. information. No Pendulum Experience Required. Bring your pendulum or a tea bag on a string with 1 quarter taped to each side of the teabag. Zoom Link emailed from Conscious Design In- stitute prior to class Questions? Contact lois@loiskramer- Online Dec 01 7-9 PM Conscious Design Institute

DECEMBER 4… SOMA SONIC SERIES: “Activating DNA Codes for Humanity!” with Yvette McGuire, CVSMT – Modern Science tells us that you can influence your DNA with frequency and intention. Come and use this exclusive fork set with a technique designed to activate DNA codes for Humanity! Mystical World, Lyndhurst, NJ 201-896- 3999; your investment is just $35.00, limited to 3 students.

DECEMBER 5...Day of Healing and Stress Reduction Join Pamela, intuitive energy healer! Pamela’s modality peers through the layers of the mind, body and soul to tap into the true cause of energetic blockages within the etheric field. Her unique gifts allow not only for the clearing and balancing of chakras, but the uncovering of their root of their imbalance. 20 minute or 1 hour appointments available. Saturday, Dec 5th. 1pm-5pm. Please call in advance to reserve your spot, Pamela’s spots fill up quickly! Call 201-904-2273, or visit health- for more information Hour long sessions are also available anytime by appointment and prepaid gift certificates for sessions will receive 10% off through Dec 31st 2020!

DECEMBER 8... 7-9 Advanced Dowsing Playing with Pendulums with Lois Kramer-Perez, C.Ht. What is dowsing? A tool for exploring, the art of finding hidden things: Dowsing has been a divination tool for hundreds of years, finding water, finding people, finding energy fields. In this class, you will learn advanced meth- ods for dowsing using the pendulum and Dowsing L Rods. Practice using the pendulum to receive specific infor- mation. Practice using your pendulum to clear yourself, your chakras, and how to clear each other.

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