NotSpeakfortheGift” byPatGoodman

Every leaf that grows will tell you: what you

sow will bear fruit, so if you have any sense my friend, don't plant anything but Love. Rumi

We are waking up to a new awareness of the

world in which we now live. The year 2020 has been like no other in the

memory of anyone on this planet at this time. Globally, in the midst of a pandemic, we grieve the loss of souls in numbers unimaginable. In our own country the death rate is staggering and millions ofAmericans are ill, unemployed, have lost their livelihoods, are suffering racial injustices and watching dreams dissolve into nothingness overnight.We have become numb... spiritually, emotionally, physically numb. Punch drunk stunned. This may be the end of the year, but it is not the end of the story. What if we reimagined our future? We could decide to attempt to live with kindness, grace, and forgiveness.While there is much that we cannot forget, we can chart a new course for our lives. We are at a precipice in our history that people will study in the future. Ask yourself what gift will you leave for them. All of our lives have been radically changed forever.Yet, the newyear ahead marks another beginning, another opportunity to do something different, better. You are here on earth at this moment for a purpose. What we decide to do at this time matters. Seek the best purpose for yourself.Have enough compassion for each other to lay our bur- dens down. Perhaps we could pick up the mantle of love and grace and allow the strength of that to carry us over and through. There are viruses that are hard to fight. However, the virus of hate plants seeds in every atmosphere of our lives. Hate creates a vibrational energy to guar- antee that there will be no love, no forgiveness, no room for personal and collective growth. No change, just the destructive remnants carried over from the past.

Here are some facts.

There are no merits or demerits for how you showed up on this earth. It had nothing to dowith you.You did not pick your ethnicity. You did not pick your color. You did not pick your gender. There are no bonuses for that.You simply showed up one day on this planet and one day you will leave it. The gift is how we choose to spend our time here.We can re-claim our humanity by consciously giving a damn about each other.We could try to understand each other by not indulging in preconceived judgments and playing out meanness of spirit. We’re not our sisters or brothers keeper.We are our sisters and brothers. Isn’t it time to reimagine a better future? This is not the voice of weakness, but a call to the strength of our characters to wake up, replenish what is good and live as a loving and decent human being. It’s time to unwrap your self. Together is the

only way to stop the madness. Love is really all there is. And at the end of the day, we will all know that. However, we need to get there soon. So the next time you look at another human being, remember that the wrapping of the paper does not speak for the gift.

PatGoodman, anAmerican artist is a Chopra

Center Certified Instructor of Primordial Sound Meditation and Inspirational Speaker.

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