Important Dates: December 7th, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day; the 14th, the Solar Eclipse; the 21st,Winter Solstice; the 17th, Hanukkah; the 25th, Christmas Day; and the 26th, Kwanzaa.

SAGITTARIUS: The Centaur orArcher

Keywords are: Freedom loving, aspiring, travel oriented, optimistic, lucky, fun, funny, clowns of the zodiac, flexible, adapt- able, intelligent, ambitious, philosophical, blunt, pushy, careless, expansive, independent. This sign rules the hips and thighs. Colors: Purple and deep blue. Planet: Jupiter

Jupiter is the God of Honor,Wisdomand Knowledge. Wherever Jupiter falls in a chart is where you will experience your best luck. It is the luckiest planet in astrology. For instance, if Jupiter fell in your second house of money, no matter what you touched it would turn into gold without effort! Keywords are higher education, social position, career, money, possessions, comfort, success and abundance as well as study, attainment, exploration, open-minded, wisdom, the Unknown, study and mental activity.

Quality --Mutable. OtherMutable Signs are Gemini, Virgo and Pisces. Element -- FIRE. Other Fire signs are Leo andAries; these are Sagittarius’ best matches. Sagittarius is a semi fruit sign -- Polarity: Masculine/Positive Gemstone: Topaz -- Opposite Sign: Gemini

MOON PHASE Last Quarter

SOLAR ECLIPSE NewMoon First Quarter FullMoon

Rx Planets


14 21


16 Virgo 22 23 Sag 08

00Aries 35 08 Cancer 53

Uranus, all month. Sun goes into Capricorn on December 21 (andWinter Solstice).

ARIES –March 20 –April 18 Career opportunities are plentiful and

you are probably considering changing jobs or parts of your job that will bring you more at- tention, more income or where you will use your intellect.Your attention is not on work at this time, but in planning all the wonderful shopping, parties, travel and fun you hope to have during this month.Your practical side comes into play where you realize you need more rest and must limit your help to others who are always taking advantage of your kind nature.You will have fun, enjoy holiday cele- brations andwon’t think twice about spending more than planned on a gift for a loved one. Your generosity of spirit is magnetic and extends to your friends who will expect an extra special gift. All in all, you are on the go, having fun, and connecting with friends and family who love your company.

TAURUS –April 19 –May 19 If you find yourself in unexpected

circumstances, just know that you are being guided on a different path. You may not wish to travel on this path; however, it would be in your best interest to at least look at the won- derful changes around you and the opportuni- ties it will bring for future happiness, prosperity and good health. Holiday travel seems important; however, make sure your travel plans are solid before venturing to your holiday destinations. Family conflicts may arise and seem unimportant to you, but the issues are important to others. Be tactful with your partner sincemuch energy seems towant to make you “right” or in control of every situation. Don’t get into a battle of wits with your family and friends since this is the season of forgiveness and peace ofmind, body and spirit. Change is good even though you may not feel it at the present time.

through properly and make an informed decision. You also get annoyed when people question where your time is spent. You do more than most of the other signs and you would like to be acknowledged for that, but just be happy that you are able to run your life the way you want to or else, you just pick up and find happiness elsewhere. Home life tends to get somewhat stressful as you try to plan the perfect holiday party. Balance issues between your work load in your career and the responsibilities of your familyweigh you down.Why can’t you delegate? Is it up to you to handle everything? Miscommunication is prevalent this month so be clear about your intent or what you are asking others to do for you. Repeat things so that you are on the same page as well.

GEMINI –May 20 – June 20 Compromise, it’s time to think things


07:37 PM 11:17AM

06:41 PM 10:28 PM

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