CANCER – June 21 – July 21 Make buying presents a special

family occasion. Differences of traditions and philosophies of life will be tested and youmay be persuaded to look at things from different perspectives. Even though youmay want to stay home this holiday season, be a bit flexible if your partner wants to visit family. Staying home means you have to entertain and possibly cook; however, it also makes you feel comfortable to be in your own home to dowhatever youwant to. Love life and family seems to bring you much happiness and joy, even though you are handling too much of the responsibility. New beginnings in the home, perhaps re- decorating or some much needed repair projects, help you focus on your goals for the future. Using your intellect to make decisions rather than emotional ones will help you choose the better option.

LEO – July 22 –August 21 It is important for you to entertain your family and friends. Take enough time

for yourself and let others give you a hand in the kitchen or with the preparations. This is a good time to rejuvenate, relax and do what- ever you feel is important for yourself and your happiness. It is a time to help others get more organized and as usual, you help others with their challenges and issues and are always going the extra mile. This is also a timewhere youwill take on the responsibility of a family issue. Do the best you can to help those familymembers compromise; however, don’t beat yourself up if it does not go the way you feel it should.Arguing is probable if you let yourself get caught up in the politics of an issue. Be aware of the explosive energy surrounding you and do your best to diffuse all negative situations.

VIRGO –August 22 – September 21 Holidays are always stressful, so if you

are more relaxed and plan well in advance, your holidays will run quite smoothly. Getting your list and checking it twice is a great way for a Virgo to start their holiday shopping.Knowwhat youwant to spend and then comparison shop so you get the best price for the item, as if you wouldn’t do that anyway! Try not to take life so seriously now as it is supposed to be fun. Situations with personal and business partnerships may be confusing and upsetting at times, so be prepared to stand your ground and give your frank opinion in a tactful manner. Career may be changing inmanyways and itwould be helpful for you to know in which direction youwould like to proceed. Be open to many wonderful possibilities to accom- plish your future goals and dreams.

LIBRA– September 22 – October 22

Much good energy is around you so planwhat steps you would like to take to accomplish some dreams and goals. Your personality shifts to being more self-confident with less issues regarding insecurities and anxieties. This is the time for you to accomplish what needs to be done. Career, travel and spiritual pursuits all seem to become important at the same time so be prepared to be scattered and yet, you will be having the time of your life exploring all the possibilities around you. Spendingmoney for beautiful things is a con- stant in your life; however, it may be time to scale back a bit. Consulting a partner on fi- nancial choices or where you spend the fam- ily riches will ease any tension between you.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 20

Be prepared to double check your travel plans as it seems as if theremay be a glitch that hin- ders you. This does notmean that you should not travel, but it seems to be a time where extra planning and alternative planswill keep everyone calm and in control of their holi- days! Running around at the lastminute to get your shopping done can be an exhausting task, so use the web to order some on line gifts, if you feel that’s appropriate. You just need some down time, relaxation time, and family time for your own enjoyment and well-being. You would like to plan things in advance and that’s a wonderful idea, but be flexible enough to know that all plans do not turn out exactly as we hope.Many times, the things that change can be more fun than our original plans. Have a wonderful time.

SAGITTARIUS – November 21 – December 20 Home life may be a bit too hectic for your taste and you may

try to go out and not deal with specific issues. They will not go away, so deal with them directly. A good outcome will result fromany effort you put intomaking positive changes inwork, formal education, long dis- tance travel and finances, so start thinking about which areas of life you would like to change and startmaking a fewsmall changes throughout the season. Try to be a littlemore sensitive with a loved one’s feelings. This may be because you are so caught up in the the holiday season, that you don’t have time for petty nonsense. You may be on different wavelengths so try to find common ground.

CAPRICORN – December 22 – January 18 Networking becomes ef-

fortless as you meet many more people through new clubs,memberships and organi- zations. New friends and associations help propel your career through this holiday

season. Be careful not to let your personal and business lives conflict with each other as it won’t be worth the time and trouble. Deal with each area of life separately and complete any unfinished projects or endeavors. Being organized for the upcoming yearwill help you get a jump on your goals. Lists will help you with this organization andwill help you focus on your priority issues.Go out and have some fun. You can’t be all business or too serious now since this is the time to be happy and jolly!Accept holiday party invitations and do some of the entertaining yourself. You will feel very relaxed and others will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

AQUARIUS – January 21 – February 18You may wish to kick

back and unwind during the holidays and not have the traditional holiday meals or parties with your family.You may wish to keep a day for yourself where you could organize your home, entertain other family members or friends. Energy abounds and you wish to accomplish so much.You can do anything you need to do at this time, but limit yourself to a few tasks per day so you can re-energize easily.Your creative and artistic abilities are amplified during this festive season so don’t be afraid to show off your abilities to your family and friends. Spirituality is more important as you unfold the meaning of your traditional beliefs. This is a good time to think about what you would like to do in the future, perhaps in a creative field.What a wonderful time for you to look into new cultures and traditions and gain more knowledge.

PISCES – February 19 –March 17 The negativity around you is disap-

pearing; you need to reinforce the positive energy protecting and guiding you to do the right thing. Love issuesmay be a tender spot, so understand what the issue is and then do something to resolve it. Using your mental agility will help you to optimistically deal with any concerns that come your way. Career issues may be pushed to the fore- ground and some very important decisions about your future will need to be made. Be sure you have all the facts before jumping to conclusions. The holidays will be exciting and fun because you have planned so well. Some unexpected changesmay be better than your original plans. If circumstances seem confusing or dramatic, this is the best time to take that energy and turn it into a positive result. Things go verywell, then fall apart, so it’s best that you just deal with situations as they happen rather than projecting the worst scenario for them.

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