Future investment in audio technology reflects its critical role

Premium audio brand, EPOS, has launched new research revealing that global de- cision makers across industries now see high quality audio equipment as a crucial part of digital transformation, being inextricably linked to business productivity, per- formance and success. COVID-19 has accelerated existing hybrid working trends and global decision makers now recognise that quality audio underpins all collabo- ration solutions. Missing even 1% of what you hear on a call can fast become 100% of your concern.

Predicted future investment in audio technology reflects its critical role in business performance. Business lead- ers are embracing virtual collaboration tools, with 45% citing time savings and 41% naming cost savings as two of the most important reasons for us- ing video meetings or calls over face- to-face

Some 79% of decision makers say audio contact is important to their business and 95% will be investing in new audio equipment for individu- al use, while 78% are willing to pay more for audio quality Audio quality has become the new priority for glob- al businesses, according to the EPOS research.. The audio brand’s latest report, ‘Quality Audio: A Sound In- vestment’ shares insights from 2,000 decision makers across 7 global mar- kets and sectors including IT, Finance, Business Services, Healthcare and Media.

The report found that 83% of glob- al business leaders say that audio equipment has become more import- ant compared with two years ago. They now see audio as key to main- taining client, employee, and partner communication, and this has been exponentially increased as workforces continue to work remotely. Within this shift in prioritization, sound quality has emerged as a non-negotiable en- abler of business continuity, client and partnership management and internal communications. As the benefits of remote working have become clear to business leaders and employees alike, virtual collab- oration is here to stay for millions of us. Business leaders have embraced remote working and as part of this


are now seeking to address traditional pain points like background noise, in- terference, and poor audio quality. This is because it is well established that effective call quality leads to bet- ter customer service, stronger employ- ee engagement and greater collabo- ration. Of the global decision makers surveyed, 56% say that high quality audio equipment is essential to their business, and a further 34% think it is desirable. 66% of those working in Healthcare and 64% in IT and Digi- tal sectors say that high quality audio equipment is indispensable to their performance. Meanwhile, 42% of de- cision makers globally (and over half in APAC and Germany - 51%) have ob- served an increase in the importance of audio technology to their business, in helping to maintain client relation- ships.

In fact, audio quality is becoming so important that 78% of global decision makers are willing to pay extra for it – this is especially true for those in the

Sales and Marketing industries (56%) where audio quality is viewed as inte- gral to maintaining client and partner communication, thus becoming inex- tricably linked with overall business performance.

Large organizations take the lead

Most employers now recognise the need for individuals to have quality audio equipment as part of their stan- dard working set-up. 95% of those surveyed will be continuing to period- ically invest in new audio equipment for individual use with 50% citing they will be doing this every two to three years moving forward.

While some might lag in the journey to fully realising the benefits of effective collaboration and quality audio in day- to-day working life, EPOS has found that larger organizations (more than 1,000 employees) are a step ahead.

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