Calendar RISE Spotlight Series

RISE Spotlight is a monthly series of free-to-attend

digital events, based

around key ISE technology areas. Pro- duced in association with TNW, they will feature global subject experts, technology entrepreneurs and start- ups.

November 2020 Workspace Evolution The first RISE Spotlight, launching on Tuesday 24 November at 14:00 CET (13:00 GMT), will be based around unified communications and collabo- ration, with the theme of Workspace Evolution. With the increased shift to remote working and the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this time- ly subject will provide attendees with valuable learning opportunities and in- sights into the future development of work and workspaces.

Workspace evolution

“The whole world is now debating the future of work and offices. In a world where technology at work has previ- ously been fragmented and often dis- tracting, Covid-19 has accelerated the need for more collaborative, smarter workspaces.

Organisations are looking for oppor- tunities to improve productivity of employees, as well looking after staff wellbeing and employees want to be able to work optimally on different de- vices, at any time and wherever they are, which means a reliance on por- table devices and shared, cloud-based resources to allow for easy collabo- ration and communication between team members. Tech such as collaboration and con- ferencing systems and interactive dis- plays will be at the heart of the evolv- ing smart workplace and innovation such as 5G and IoT will allow tech- nology to connect the workplace and keep it running efficiently — providing a huge boost for the future of work. What will the future of work look like and what role will your technology play in the end game? ISE is here to help you tick off everything you need to get up to date with the latest tech in smarter, more…“


Speaker Highlights Már Másson Maack

Moderator / Editor of Growth Quarters, TNW

Nancy Knowlton

President & CEO, Nureva Inc. John Egan CEO, L’Atelier Youri Doeleman Partner, Antler Marit Janssen Transformation Consultant, ABN AMRO Sean Wargo Senior Director, Market Intelligence, AVIXA

Jon Sidwick

President, Collabtech Group ISE Reporter Roundtable

Big tech is already impacting and re- shaping work. We speak to the people who need to stay on top of indus- try trends and make decisions about which technologies are most import- ant for empowering their workforce and growing their business. We’ll dis- cuss which technologies are part of our panel’s strategic roadmap for the next three to five years. What do their priorities boil down to and why?

On the Sofa with ISE

COVID-19 has accelerated the deploy- ment and use of technology. Individu- als are empowered to work remotely,

and teams have already seen how to achieve collaborative working. However, tech alone cannot improve productivity and performance; culture is an important part of the jigsaw. In in-depth interviews, we will discuss how to roll out new tech whilst nurtur- ing our workforce to spark innovation and avoiding the ‘always on’ culture. Startup Nation

What are the exciting new companies to watch in the area of workspace technologies? A leading venture capi- talist will chair presentations from 2-3 enterprising startups that are looking to disrupt this space.

Watercooler Virtual Meets

Network with other audience members and enjoy some virtual watercooler chat. Join a moderated discussion of the sessions you’ve just watched – as well as the topics in our Big Read ar- ticle.

‘Ways to collaborate that we haven’t seen before’

A recent ‘ISE at TNW’ panel discussed the future of collaborative working. Decentralisation has been accelerat- ed, creating significant opportunities for innovation within office and home environments. Digital work platforms will evolve, and new roles will be cre- ated as companies put more emphasis on managing digital experiences.

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