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crucial than ever in today’s world. As offices continue to work remotely and adoption of hybrid working solutions increases, there’s a growing demand for products and services that help productivity and allow blended teams to communicate effectively and stay as close-knit as they were before the pandemic,” says Frank Weishaupt, CEO of Owl Labs.

Companies will need to be agile and open to employee suggestions when navigating this changing working land- scape and changing expectations of working life. However, there are oppor- tunities for nimble companies who can move fast to recruit the best talent re- gardless of location, to cut operational costs with smaller offices, and have a loyal workforce by offering flexible hy- brid working to better fit in with em- ployees’ work-life balance,” continues Weishaupt. With the shift in working practises, it shouldn’t surprise employers that

there has also been a shift in em- ployee expectations when it comes to what employers should be providing to their staff, both at home and in office. Three-quarters of employees (74%) believe their company should pay for, or provide, office technology equip- ment (including laptops, printers, and extra screens) when they work from home, with half (50%) believing they should provide office furniture (in- cluding desks and ergonomic chairs). Whilst some companies may already be exploring this home hardware sup- port, half of employees believe their companies should contribute to Wi- Fi and phone bills, and 48% to elec- tricity bills when working from home, something not regularly supported by companies.

When workers do eventually return to the office, or for those who are cur- rently unable to work from home, 62% of workers believe their employers should provide free COVID-19 tests,

with 65% saying free PPE (such as masks, gloves, and antibacterial gel and wipes) should be provided as stan- dard.

Whilst the shift to increased working from home provides workers with more flexibility and freedom, employers con- cerned about their workers’ productivi- ty should think carefully before intro- ducing remote monitoring technology. When working from home, 61% of employees would be concerned if their company bought in remote activity and productivity monitoring, with over a third (36%) saying they’d be likely to resign if so. Almost three-quarters (72%) were concerned about the use of video tracking, 61% with attention tracking apps, 60% were concerned about keyboard tracking apps, and over half (52%) if their employer were to monitor time spent on certain apps or websites.

*The Office of National Statistics, UK Average Salary 2019.

Jabra Evolve now certified for Microsoft Teams Jabra has announced that its Evolve

Series is now certified for Microsoft Teams. Jabra will support existing users of its Evolve Series of products with a free and flexible upgrade to their device via a firmware update. The upgrade is not just limited to Jabra’s head- set Series as se- lect collaboration and call-centric products, includ- ing the Jabra PanaCast, are certified for Mic- rosoft Teams too. Collaboration tools are no lon- ger a nice add-on but an essential. Today, 80% of time at work is spent collaborating, with 1 in 3 meetings happening vir- tually and 38% joining meetings via mobile [1]. Teams is the hub for team- work, bringing together chat, meet- ings, calling and file collaboration into a single place.


Devices like the Jabra Evolve Series that are certified for Microsoft Teams provide a great audio quality and plug and play experience with call control buttons. The devices offer a new level

Jabra will tap into its decade-long ex- perience of developing technology in collaboration with Microsoft to offer its customers a seamless transition to Teams. Jabra will provide its exist- ing

who have legacy certified

ucts a flexible upgrade making

customers prod- when


move to Teams. The


will happen via a free firmware update that will automatically be prompted when users their

connect headsets

to Jabra Direct or Xpress. New purchases

of integration with Teams with the abil- ity to bring Teams to the foreground at the touch of a button. Now users can get notifications when a meeting is starting, or if they have missed calls and can take action directly from their headset.

Jabra has announced that its Evolve Se- ries is now certified for Microsoft Teams. Jabra will support existing users of its Evolve Series of products with a free and flexible upgrade to their device via a firmware update.

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