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plication, ideal for a range of applica- tions including brainstorms, learning, video conferencing, and information sharing. The different display series use InfraRed or InGlass technology, for the highest precision touch and writ- ing response. To help connect remote workers in different locations with online com- munications, the Panasonic EQ1 Se- ries of displays are certified for use with Cisco WEBEX Room kit, automat- ically detecting and optimising display settings. Speakers in the EQ1 and SQ1 display series also optimise the speaker settings for crystal clear video conference sound.


So how did find PressIT in use? Having reviewed a number of similar solutions in the past it is clear to us that there are

top to our meeting room display really was instant. We included video and web site content and found the video to be a little ‘laggy’ but we attributed this to internet performance.


PressIT is Panasonic’s Wireless Presentation System that allows easy screen collaboration with just a single press of a button. This elegant solution, designed to make collaboration quick and simple in meeting rooms, can connect up to 32 devices at one time, allowing users to present on screen or via a projector at the touch of a button. Transmitter CaseReceiver (SDM) Transmitter (USB-C) Basic SetSDM Receiver USB-C Transmitter Model NameTY-WPS1

TY-SB01WP Content

Set top box Receiver x1, HDMI/USB Transmitter x2, Storage Case for Transmit- ters x1

two important considerations: (1) how easy is it to set up? and (2) how easy is it to use? To the credit of PressIT, it ranked among the best we have tested on both counts. The initial set-up took less than 5 minutes and switch our presentation from our lap-

SDM Receiver, for SQ1 and SQE1 displays with Intel SDM (Smart Module Dis- play) slotUSB-C Transmitter Output Resolution1080/60p Simultaneous display sources 4 Effective Communication

No more cables and complicated set ups for fast and simple screen sharing in any meeting room.

Nice and clear presentation from anywhere in the room. TY-WPBC1


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