TD1655 Portable Touch Monitor Specifications

VG1655 Portable Monitor TD1655 Portable Touch Monitor Size


ResolutionFull HD 1920 x 1080 Ful l HD 1920 x 1080 Panel Technology SuperClear IPS SuperClear IPS Viewing Angles 178 / 178 170 / 170 Touch N/A10 points Projected Ca- pacitive Touch Speakers

Connectivity Mini HDMI, USB-C x2 (2-Way Power meaning a connected

laptop can power the monitor, or the monitor can power a connected laptop via USB-C power bank or AC adapt- er and outlet) Mini HDMI, USB-C x2 (2-Way Power meaning a connect- ed laptop can power the monitor, or the monitor can power a connected laptop via USB-C power bank or AC adapter and outlet)

Special Features Complimentary USB-C and mini HDMI Cables, Leather Case, Stand

Compli- mentary USB-C and mini HDMI Ca-

PressIT Panasonic wireless presentation system The Panasonic wireless presentation

system is the latest in a wide range of collaboration and meeting solutions designed to boost productivity and efficiency in the evolving workspace. Panasonic describes PressIT as “an elegant solution designed to make col- laboration quick and simple in meet- ing rooms. The easy to use system can display content from up to four devic- es at the same time, allowing users to present on screen or via a projector at the touch of a button with smooth au- dio and Full HD clarity.”

PressIT is just the latest in a wide range of technology solutions from Panasonic that are designed for the evolving workspace. They include solutions for presentation, collabora- tion and conferencing systems, as well as interactive displays with whiteboard capabilities.

“There are a number of different con- verging trends that are rapidly chang- ing the requirements for the modern workspace,” said Hartmut Kulessa, European Marketing Manager at Pana- sonic Business. “We are seeing a move away from large meeting rooms to more collaborative workspaces; and a more mobile and socially distanced workforce with the need to be able to work, communicate and collaborate anywhere. In addition, the latest Gen- eration Z employees want to be able to use their own personal devices at work


and expect constant wireless connec- tivity. As a result, we have brought together a suite of different collabora- tion solutions that can be tailored to any business requirement.”


PressIT, works with any PC, tablet or smartphone using Android, Windows or iOS operating systems and is packed full of useful features. Simply connect the receiver to any display screen or projector and a small transmitter to the display devices and press the button to present. The system offers two types of receiver. A set-top-box that connects to any projector or flat panel display or an Intel Smart Dis- play Module (Intel) receiver that can be used exclusively in the Panasonic SQ1/SQE1 Series of 4K UHD LCD displays. This re- ceiver is installed into the SDM slot on the back of the display.

Alongside the PressIT system, Panasonic also offers a range of complimentary collaboration solutions de- signed for the

bles, Leather Case, Stand, Passive Pen

evolving workspace. For those bringing their own device into the office, Pana- sonic offers Wolfvision’s Cynap Pure presentation

solution. A completely

cable-less installation using wireless streaming protocol that makes it easy to just turn up and present up to four screens simultaneously in 4K quality with 100% data encryption for high levels of security. For those requiring a more basic pre- sentation capability, the Panasonic displays in the CQE1 and SQE1 Se- ries include embedded Wireless Dis- play functionality which allows users of Windows 10 PCs to directly mirror their screen wirelessly.

For the growing trend of huddle work- ing spaces for collaboration, Panaso- nic offers a wide range of interactive displays, with a built-in whiteboard ap-

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