Deployments Health clinic installs Glory Star TAURI

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has cast some new play- ers into the forefront of the technol- ogy marketplace. Glory Star is one of these. The company’s latest case study seeing its technology deployed to smooth out the check-in process for Willapa Medical Clinic — formerly Pa- cific Family Health Centre — in South Bend, Washington. The rural doctors’ office selected the patent-pending in- telligent self-service TAURI Tempera- ture Check Tablet to quickly scan in- coming patients and guests for fevers to help limit exposure to potential cas- es of COVID-19.

“As a medical provider, we have to see patients who are potentially in- fected — whether it’s with COVID-19 or the flu — while protecting those waiting to be seen,” said Mary McAl- lister, rural health clinic manager at Willapa Medical Clinic. “Before, we were reaching through the registration window to take everyone’s temperature with a tympanic thermometer. It was cumbersome and required a great deal of contact. With TAURI, they can scan themselves right when they walk in. This has sped up our registration pro- cess and made it easier for our aging patients who we sometimes struggled to reach.” TAURI combines Glory Star’s ex- pertise in creating and programming commercial-grade tablet solutions with the leading sensor hardware to create a fast, worry-free, and healthy experience. Patients simply walk up to the tablet, and it intelligently detects their face and scans their temperature from up to 3 feet away. Results are delivered in less than three seconds. The tablet’s sensor and body heat al- gorithm ensure temperature accuracy with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit (+/- 0.3 degrees Celsius) and has a refresh rate of 64Hz. For Willapa Medical Clinic, the tablet eliminates the need for another per- son to perform scans and prevents any skin contact. As a result, the health provider is able to assess quickly the next steps for check-in. When a tem-

perature is detected, staff will hear the special chime that lets them know to move the patient into an exam room immediately. The tablet can be pro- grammed with a special message to indicate what patients should do next, such as: “Please follow a staff mem- ber to an exam room.” This helps to

assessment, receptionists need to per- form the initial intake. It can give them the information they need quickly and without contact so they can determine the best course of action to limit any potential exposure to COVID-19 and other viruses.” The TAURI Temperature Check Tablet

For Willapa Medical Clinic, the tablet eliminates the need for another person to perform scans and prevents any skin contact.

limit cross-infection in waiting rooms. In addition, organizations have the option to use TAURI to detect if a per- son is wearing a face mask and subse- quently issue an on-screen reminder. Each day, upon beginning and ending their shifts, staff are required to record their temperatures. Using the tablet’s facial

recognition feature, Willapa

Medical staff can scan and have their temperatures recorded, helping them stay in compliance with health and safety COVID-19 protocols. “We are incredibly thankful to the dedication and hard work of today’s medical providers and staff,” said Cin- dy Cheung, chief commercial officer of Glory Star. “TAURI was created for fa- cilities such as Willapa Medical Clinic where, before doctors can begin their


is available worldwide from select au- thorized distributors. Glory Star offers North American technical support on all TAURI products.

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