Deployments BrightSign players take off at Edinburgh Airport

BrightSign, LLC has announced that its players are powering the impressive video wall that adds a real wow-factor to Edinburgh Airport’s new self-check- in facilities. The audio-visual installa- tion was carried out by nuVIDEO work- ing with Midwich and PSCo. The new installation is part of a mul- timillion-pound redevelopment of the airport’s self-check-in facilities, de- signed to streamline the pre-flight ex- perience for all passengers. The goal

Sign’s XT244 players deliver the air- port’s media and advertising content to the display, providing sharp Full HD and 4K content in a low maintenance solution. Furthermore, the players have been used to display essential ‘FlySafe’ campaign information for passengers passing through the airport during the pandemic. The installation has potential for future expansion Adam Wilson,

Operations Director of Edinburgh Airports Limited, said:

with around a million passengers pass- ing through each month, we knew that we needed a reliable product. The BrightSign XT244 players have been a fantastic addition to the project and play an integral role in providing way- finding and advertising content to the wall. In particular, the BrightAuthor software provides a robust content management platform which is both powerful and feature-rich.” Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign add-

was to create an 85m wide digital can- vas that would allow the airport to dis- play flight information, give wayfinding instructions and generate advertising revenue. The canvas of 2,240 sepa- rate LED modules had to be easy to manage, with the flexibility to change the size of content from a small 1.5m wide window, all the way up to an end to end full wall display. In just over five weeks, the finished installation fully reralised, enabling the screen not only to be used for pas- senger information, but also to show- case destinations and retail products with striking visuals. An 85m seam- less LED canvas, stretching the en- tire check-in hall, now stands proudly above a self-drop bag facility. Bright-


“The installation creates a striking visual for all passengers entering the check-in hall and provides us with a screen to present a range of informa- tion. In practical terms, we can clearly display where certain flights and air- lines are checking in and show key passenger communications such as security information. The flexibility of the wall means we can also use it for video to advertise flight destinations, showcase Scottish scenery or promote our retail offering.”

Michael MacNeil, Sales Manager for nuVIDEO, said: “We’ve used other dig- ital signage solutions in the past but BrightSign players have always stood out for their exceptional stability. As this project is in a high visibility area,

BrightSign’s XT244 players are power- ing the impressive video wall that adds a real wow-factor to Edinburgh Airport’s new self-check-in facilities.

ed, “We are delighted that our players are delivering vivid and crisp digital content to passengers at Edinburgh Airport. Flying can be a stressful expe- rience when in a hurry or facing uncer- tain information, so we are pleased to be helping passengers relax and enjoy their journey. Once again, the reliabil- ity of our players has proven to be a standout feature, enabling our cus- tomers to count on them 24/7 in the most public locations.”

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