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From Ashes to Castings: Cera-Met Recovers From Fire and Increases Capacity

producer since its inception in 1974. Starting as part of the CERCAST group, it made its mark in the industry by supplying the aerospace market with superior custom aluminum castings. As it gained in renown, the CERCAST group was acquired by Howmet Corporation in 1989 which was then purchased by Alcoa in 2000. But Cera-Met was destined to stand on its own so in December of 2007, it was purchased by Henri Fine, owner of Uni-Cast, another leading aluminum casting foundry in New Hampshire. Through all of Cera-Met’s history


and ownership changes, one thing has remained – the desire to excel in the aluminum casting industry by providing high quality, complex castings. It seems that finally having the opportunity to operate as its own entity was the missing piece to a successful future.

8 ❘ November 2020 ®

era-Met LLC, located in Bethlehem, PA, has been an aluminum investment casting

Cera-Met has primarily focused on the defense sector throughout its 46 years, but since 2007, and during a predicted downturn in the defense business, the company expanded into Solid Mold capabilities allowing them to take on some of the most difficult commercial parts in the aerospace market, such as complex cored pump housings. Adding that capacity to the existing alcohol- based shell process has given Cera-Met unparalleled expertise in the business. Throughout the years, the company

had continued to gain momentum, excelling each year with unprecedented results… until a devastating fire consumed the foundry in December 2019.

News coverage in the early

morning hours showed flames lapping over the roof of the building. Thick smoke billowed up from the source as employees and reporters watched in disbelief. The worst-case scenario had come to pass and time seemed to halt

as fire-fighters tried to control the blaze. The call that no one thought they’d ever hear was made, “Don’t come to work today… there’s been a fire.” The severity

REGULAR MEMBER CERA-MET Cera-Met is qualified with major aerospace and defense contractors such as UTAS, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Meggitt Control Systems, and others. Cera-Met also maintains NADCAP accreditations for special processes such as Heat Treating, Non-Destructive Testing, Materials Testing, and Welding. These NADCAP certifications ensure that Cera- Met’s parts processing is performed according to the highest industry standards required by the aerospace industry.

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