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Our Virtual Event, In Retrospect By Joseph E. Fritz, Executive Director

couldn’t be more appropriately named. In light of the pandemic, the


decision to proceed with a virtual Technical Conference and 3D Expo was based upon the favorable results of a member survey taken in May of this year and the Investment Casting Institute’s commitment to providing technical content to its Members. With Board of Director approval,

the ICI staff undertook the challenge of putting together this event in a three and a half month period.

Event Statistics Unfortunately, actual participation levels did not approach the expectations set by the survey. The event was attended by 291 individuals, 85 of which represented the 43 foundries in attendance. There were 159 supplier representatives from 76 companies, 22 students and professors from 8 universities, 16 attendees from 4 trade associations and 9 industry professionals. Though I cannot account for this

attendance shortfall, my feeling is that it is related to the worsening business

4 ❘ November 2020 ®

t seems like we have lived through a whirlwind, or as we refer to them in Arizona, a “Dust Devil”, which

outlook from the time the survey was taken in May to when the event actually took place in October. Better than 90% of non-exhibiting attendees registered the week before the event, which supports a “wait and see” approach to participation.

Virtual Technical Conference This year’s conference hosted 27 sessions, comprised of technical papers, discussion panels, the annual awards ceremony, a keynote presentation and a “How It’s Made” presentation, as well as the traditional opening and closing ceremonies. Survey results concerning the papers, variety of topics and presenter knowledge were typical of what we have seen in prior years.

We received positive feedback as

noted below: • Customer Spotlight – Honeywell

Aerospace: Delegates found value in hearing from an investment casting customer that was willing to share technical and commercial insights.

• Discussion Panels: The addition

of more discussion panels was well received and appreciated.

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