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2021 EICF International Conference & Exhibition Postponed to September

postpone the dates for the 30th International Conference & Exhibition to September 2021, specifically from 26 to 28 at Bregenz (Austria), Bregenz Festival House and the industry visit for 29 of September. This decision has been taken in consideration of the existing uncertainty and having in mind how to serve better the European Investment Casting community. In principle the basic program structure built for the 30th International Conference is maintained so as the theme “Driving the Digital transformation into Investment Casting”, although it is understood that potential changes might arise at the light of the issues relevant to the attendees (Delegates & Exhibitors). Revised Call for papers shall be called shortly with the new set of target dates. As of today, clearly are understood the difficulties in


putting forward an international event in degree of certainty aiming to be of utility for the attendees in accordance with

12 ❘ November 2020 ®

t the light of the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe, the EICF Board of Directors at their meeting last 14 of October has decided to

the different expectations. It is for this reason that the EICF is at the same time that taking this postponement action, exploring alternatives within the virtual online world to provide a framework not only for technical and knowledge dissemination but to provide a forum for encounter among the foundries and suppliers and institutes serving the industry. Many associations in Europe have had to postpone their annual events whilst others have provided online solutions in a similar way that the ICI successfully has done. To configure this alternative to the physical event either as a backup or complementary a study is being conducted analyzing the experiences so far, learning from those. It is foreseen participation from members via a survey in order to receive inputs from stakeholders to support the proposal definition. In the meantime, the EICF is encouraging their membership to look after the health measures, keeping our people safe and healthy under this Covid second wave Europe is experimenting.

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