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Rheonics Meets the Need for the Perfect Dip Company History

and density monitoring, two of the key physical properties of a process fluid. To achieve the vision of a no-hassle, easy to use in-line viscometer, the founders brought together a team of experts from leading universities and global companies to build advanced intelligent fluid process monitoring instruments. Rheonics is supported by an advisory board made of technology leaders from the industrial automation and process industry.

R Rheonics’ density and viscosity

monitoring and control products are used in a broad range of markets from food processing to downhole oil and gas exploration and production. We are growing through a combination of innovative technology, field-proven products and focus on ease of use. Our sensors have been used by machine builders and fabricators for

10 ❘ November 2020 ®

heonics was founded to solve the issue of lack of robust plug and play instruments for viscosity

monitoring and controlling the quality of ceramic slurry. In investment casting, we see an application that has been on the look-out for a viscosity and density sensor that can help achieve the perfect dip coated parts for casting. Rheonics sensor met that need creating industry 4.0 enabled process optimization of the dip coating process.

Company Products & Services Rheonics viscometers and density meters enable real-time, accurate process control of casting slurry mixing and coating. Shell properties that are affected by viscosity include permeability, thermal characteristics, thickness, bending, edge coverage, and mold strength. Slurry control solutions built on

patented, advanced sensor and control technology ensure stable ceramic slurry resulting in high quality surface finish, consistent thickness and superior strength of finished shells.

Products for the Investment Casting Industry Automated in-line viscosity measure- ment and control is crucial to control

ASSOCIATE MEMBER RHEONICS Rheonics is a global provider of automation instruments and solutions for density and viscosity monitoring and control. For investment casting industry, Rheonics viscometer and density meter enable real-time, accurate control of casting slurry mixing and coating. Rheonics solutions built on patented industry leading sensor and control technology, ensures stable ceramic slurry resulting in high quality surface finish, consistent thickness and superior strength of finished shells.

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