Figure 1: SRV - Wide Range Inline Process Viscometer

Figure 2: SRD – Inline Process Density Meter & Viscosity Meter

Figure 3: Rheonics Slurry Monitoring And Control System - Installed In Factory

the coating formulation and application viscosity. Rheonics offers the following solutions, based on its SRV and SRD sensors, for process control and optimi- zation in the investment casting process:

Online Viscosity Measurements Rheonics’ SRV is a wide range, in- line viscosity sensor with in-built fluid temperature measurement. It is capable of detecting the smallest viscosity changes within any process stream in real time.

Online Viscosity And Density Measurements Rheonics’

SRD adds density

measurement to the SRV. It is the best choice for monitoring and controlling processes in which density plays a crucial role.

Value Added Processes Rheonics has worked with several customers in the investment casting

industry and continues to add value to their processes with in-line viscosity and density measurement and control. Rheonics sensors integrate very well in almost any process environment and are internally tested and qualified to operate reliably with the fluids/slurries in the investment casting process. Our in-house application engineering team gives machine builders advanced know how to achieve seamless integration of our sensors in their system and help provision casting quality control data to their end users through on-premise, edge or cloud connectivity.

Moving Forward

Rheonics Slurry Monitoring And Control System Rheonics offers an integrated standalone viscosity and pH monitoring and control system. The Rheonics Slurry Monitoring and Control system uses in- line viscometers and in-line pH probes

to monitor slurry viscosity and pH in real-time. Solvent and additive valves are operated to add the correct dose to ensure absolute control of the slurry characteristics throughout the mixing and coating process.

Rheonics is a small company with

a large footprint. Our team spans the globe and brings with it technical and customer-support agility that is unparalleled in the industry. Our products are available as IECEx and ATEX certified intrinsically safe versions for use in hazardous areas, and we are in the final stages of securing the ISO 9001 certification. Our USP is ease of integration of our sensors and solutions in customers products and services.

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