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of complex shaped metal parts through MIM, Investment Casting, Precision Machining & Additive Manufacturing. Today, INDO-MIM has achieved a leadership position in the field of MIM & Investment Casting providing precision- engineered products to customers in more than thirty countries across the world fully supported by customer support offices in Stuttgart, Germany, New Jersey, USA & Shanghai China. The state-of-the-art manufacturing


capability of INDO-MIM Group consists of plants in India and USA together totaling to over 1 million square feet. With the world’s largest installed capacity for metal injection molding. Located in Bangalore, India, our modern facilities have a combined strength of over 2500 skilled engineers, scientists, technicians, and manufacturing associates. The facilities are ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949 : 2016, ISO 13485: 2016, ISO 14001:2015, AS 9100 : 2016 and ISO 45001 : 2018 certified. At the cutting edge of technology, INDO-MIM has finely- honed expertise for providing a total solution in conceptualizing, designing and manufacturing complex precision components and sub-assemblies.

INDO-MIM Investment Casting INDO-MIM has established state of art world-class green field Investment Casting facility in the year 2010 at Tirupati, India. It has grown currently to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of finish machined precision Investment parts globally. INDO- MIM manufactures & supplies high quality precision investment castings in a wide range of materials such as Steel, Nickel and Cobalt base for automotive, industrial and aerospace applications. INDO-MIM provides customers with a total customized solution, enabling them to place the


rom a humble beginning in 1997, INDO-MIM has grown to become a leading global supplier

parts or assemblies directly into their manufacturing process. The parts supplied by INDO-MIM are ready-to- use precision investment castings to customers, requiring high value-added castings. The plant is over 100,000 sq.

ft. manufacturing facility located at Tirupati in India and has easy access to major cities Chennai and Bangalore. INDO-MIM Investment casting plant is certified with ISO 9001:2008, AS 9100 Rev. C, ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO 14001:2004, ISO/TS 16949:2009 and OSHAS 18001:2007 system requirements. In-house mold and casting process

design- the soundness of the castings is ensured by a critical analysis of metal flow and solidification using simulation software. The complete design of wax injection molds, pattern assembly trees and various manufacturing/ inspection gauges and fixtures are carried out using software and best industry practices from around the world. Modern Mold Manufacturing- Mold manufacturing is done using precision CNC Machining centers, EDM and Spark Erosion machines. INDO-MIM has installed some

of the best technological advances in equipment from around the world. Wax Injection presses, Robotic Shell system and shell drying in a carefully controlled atmosphere, de-waxing, pre-heating, induction melting and semi-automatic de-gating machines have been selected with a focus on establishing and maintaining precise process controls. Other secondary operations also been installed to ensure our capabilities to meet customer requirements. Engineers, Metallurgists and

skilled technicians at INDO-MIM have a high degree of experience in the development and manufacture of investment castings, injection molding, precision machining and component assembly.

5 Years Expansion Plan INDO-MIM is further investing over 50 Mn USD in the next 4 years in Vacuum Casting technology. In the first phase INDO-MIM has installed 50Kg Consarc EQ Furnace to cater to the Aerospace (Rotating Static & Structural areas – Cold sections), Automotive, Medical & Energy segments. In the second phase INDO-MIM will be installing 250Kg ALD Counter gravity furnace to cater to the high volume Automotive parts and Aerospace, Defense and Energy segments and be available for customers from Q2 -2022. In the third phase, INDO-MIM will be installing 50 & 100Kg DS/SX Vacuum Consarc & ALD furnace to cater the Aerospace hot section parts and will be available for customers from Q2-2023 We are consolidating on a

leadership position with commercial air melt casting and working towards to become a major player in vacuum castings in Nickel, Cobalt Titanium and Super alloys.



INDO-MIM is a fully integrated MIM parts producer with capabilities and proficiency in design, tooling, materials and a full range of finishing and assembly operations.

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