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Salentec Offers Solutions in Advanced Ceramic Cores and Shells

investment casting cores and shells. It manufactures ceramic cores


for aerospace and industrial markets, Sacrificial ceramic structures are produced for forming complex cavities in investing casting procedures. Salentec is fully qualified

according to ISO 9001 certification for production of ceramic components by ceramic injection moulding.

Ceramic Injection Moulding Ceramics components are prevalently obtained from ceramic injection molding. Salentec relies on its own expertise for inorganic composition and the production of pellets for injection process, to originally developed with procedures and proprietary compositions. Development and testing are performed internally with the scientific and technical support of the University of Salento (Lecce Italy). The composition and microstructure of the cores is optimized for the different foundry processes on customer demand. Ceramic cores for nickel alloys are

produced from special fused sintered silica compositions. The low co-efficient of thermal expansion of the fused sintered


ince 2005 Salentec has been dealing with R&D on advanced ceramics with special interests in

silica ensures that the core remains dimensionally stable during heating and casting.

Ceramics for Investment casting The core department is specialized in small to mid size, ceramic core in small to medium series. Salentec manufactures proprietary

ceramic feedstock silica, alumina and zirconia based and necessary knowledge to customize new materials for different conditions and application. Excellent mechanical stability and high refractoriness temperatures with minimum creep, high leachability after casting have been obtained. Salentec offers a variety of silica

and zircon silica compositions with high stability at high temperatures. They can be used in DS (directional solidification), SX melting processes (monocrystal) and equiax.

Facilities In addition Salentec offers various technological services to support its customers.

R&D staff deals with: • Ceramic prototypes through CNC machining and 3D printing (FDM, STL, etc);

• Computer aided design and simulation (CAD / FEM);



Salentec offers unlimited solutions in design, manufacturing and characterization of advanced ceramics: CNC machining, slip casting, gel casting, 3D printing. The company excels in injection molding of polymers, metallic and ceramics and is specialized in ceramic core for investment casting. The company is located in Lecce, Italy.

November 2020 ❘ 15

• Microstructural and morphological analysis by diffraction of the X-rays, SEM, EDX, XRF.

• Thermoanalytical analysis; • Mechanical testing and creep evaluation up to 1750° C.

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