2. Outline the means for making suggestions for process improvements

3. Give employees the freedom to challenge how things are done

4. Utilize a Job Methods Breakdown sheet in order to capture all the steps in the process and then question every step

5. Give employees recognition for their ideas.

Employee involvement in

continuous improvement activities is an important key to the ongoing success of manufacturing companies.

Job Instruction Job Instruction is the method for training employees how to do a new task. It breaks training into the following steps: 1. Prepare the Operator. People

tend to be nervous before learning something new and this can impact the learning process. So, try to relax the operator prior to starting while explaining why what they are learning is important and how this task relates to the overall manufacturing process. 2. Present the Operation. Describe

each of the steps in the operation, identifying key points along with the reasons for each step. Utilizing more senses during learning will increase the retention rate and speed. 3. Perform the Operation. Once the

operator has seen the steps performed and had the key points and reasons explained, it’s time to try it himself. As the operator works through the steps, have him explain the key points and reasons for each step. Be patient as the operator walks through each of the steps, taking time to check for understanding

References 1

by asking questions. 4. Follow-Up. Once you feel the

operator has a good understanding of the process, let her work independently. Be sure to check back periodically to ensure the steps are being followed and she doesn’t have any questions. This is a fairly straightforward

process, but it is also very time- consuming and more complex given the need to maintain a six-foot social distance. Fortunately, there are some new technologies that can aid in this process. Augmented reality, which is different

from virtual reality, supplements only a portion of the environment and coexists with the real world. It supplements the visual field of the user with information needed to complete the current task. Augmented reality training can include images, videos, animations, and sound. Check out this video to see how augmented reality can be applied to a manufacturing environment.5 Another learning aid for an operator

is to create a video from the perspective of the worker, not from an observer. For example, utilizing eyeglasses6


a built-in camera and microphone changes the viewpoint of the training material which will make it easier for the operator to mimic and replicate.

Conclusion The workplace changes that were necessary to protect the employees have provided challenges for businesses and employees. However, application of simple, but effective tools can allow organizations to continue to grow and thrive. Caring for employees, teams and their individual and collective health is fundamental to creating a

About the Author Julie Markee is an expert at helping businesses reach their full potential. Gaining traction towards the results that you know your organization is capable of achieving is much easier than you realize.

If you are ready to

get the entire organization crystal clear on the vision, executing on that vision with discipline and accountability and advancing as a healthy, functional, cohesive team, let’s find some time to connect. Julie can be reached at julie@ or learn more at www.keyprocessinnovations. com.

productive environment. Being clear about the vision of the company and the employee’s role in achieving that vision will assist employees in feeling connected to the company. Utilizing the newest technology can advance the way management interacts with the employees while improving the methodology employed to train operators. Focusing on these areas will position an organization for success, now and in the future.

See this link for more information on Clarity Breaks:

2 See this link for more information on the Vision Traction Organizer: 3 See this link for more information on the 5-5-5 tool: 4 See this link for more information on the Issues Solving Track: 5

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