Entrepreneurship Students Receive Grants for Their Sustainable Enterprises Upbeat’s Entrepreneur Showcase

SANTA ROSA, CA. ~ Sonoma Clean Power (SCP), the public elec- tricity provider for Sonoma and Mendo- cino counties, recently awarded their “Spirit of

entrepreneurs who are choosing to place sus- tainable practices at the forefront of their busi- ness ventures. The part- nership aims to foster a strong commitment


environmen- tal steward- ship and so- cial equity in the next gen- eration of lo- cal business owners. As part of the require- ments for the


SRJC stu- dents must demonstrate how their enterprise will reduce greenhouse gas emis- sions, embed themes of sustainabil- ity, and pro-

Entrepreneurship” Grant to students participating in the Santa Rosa Junior College’s (SRJC) Busi-

mote energy efficiency, energy conservation, or renewable energy. This year, two students were selected to receive the grant.

The first-

place recip- ient of the contest was Laura Feil, who was a wa rd ed $6,500 for her com- pany Ter- rabliss Naturals. Terrabl iss Naturals is a hemp-de- rived CBD start-up that manu fa c -

ness Entrepreneurship Certificate Program. SCP first launched the grant at SRJC in Spring 2019 to support local

tures and distributes full-traceable wellness products from seed to shelf. The company is committed to improving

and redefining wellness and skincare through sustainable, affordable, and plant-based prod- ucts backed by science. They provide a holistic healing alternative to uplift those struggling to balance their health through natural and con- scious products,


creating awareness of all the benefits of hemp. “I’m overjoyed and be- yond grateful to Sonoma Clean Power, not only for the grant but also for the support and op- portunity to execute my business idea and make sustainability a reality. Thanks to SRJC’s En- trepreneurship Program for creating this partner- ship and providing such qualified faculty to guide me through the process and motivate me to keep going despite the recent

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hardships,” said Feil. The second-place re- cipient was Jennifer Friedman, who was awarded $3,500 toward her business Humane Plate, which will provide plant-based lunches to K-12 students in Sonoma County. Fried- man founded Humane Plate to fill the void in schools where students who require subsidized lunches but adhere to a plant-based diet for ethical, health, and/or religious reasons have little options. Humane Plate offers plant-based lunches to Sonoma County schools to cre- ate equitable choices for students, improve nutrition, and reduce their carbon footprint. “I am deeply honored to

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