Gold on Western Shores Summer GUIDE #2

Sonoma County, CA. ~ Getting out to see new places never gets old. Having finally reached the big 60, I sensed I might be due for some- thing new. That’s when my good lady friend, a best friend; decided to take me down to Half Moon Bay for a birthday weekend. She probably had no idea that I had been spying the Ocean course for almost thirty years. I have always been drawn to the water and it’s truly a bonus for me when golf and a large body of water collide. Links golf transports me to a seemingly timeless place where the high art of creation meets the wonder of sacred ge- ometry and endless cre- ative possibilities. Having cut my teeth

tensive electric fields; once in a while, it’s pos- sible

for a disturbance

in the field to trigger a lightning strike that will distribute charge over enormous sectors of that field. These so-called mega-flashes do ex- actly that, sparks flying over hundreds of miles.” The sound that follows is remarkable. Hey, who knows, maybe one day we will learn how to har- vest thunderstorms/light- ning and solve all our energy problems, if and when that is possible. By the time you are reading this paper the

at the Links of Bodega over the past few years was a decent enough preparation for the wind- whipped Ocean course that awaited. There is a rugged majesty and a mystique therein that harkens one into a dif- ferent realm. The huge and somewhat ominous cliffs that hug the coast- line surrounding this course have a voice of their own that is carried by the sound of crashing waves in the distance. The old Ritz Carlton Ho- tel that commands court behind the 18th hole is one amazing clubhouse which dominates the golden green grasses down below. This awe- some expanse is my vi- sion of heaven on earth, and the score that I shoot here will only tell

4th of July is already gone. But celebrating our ability to be free to do as we do from day to day is an honor...all year round. We are fortunate to have what we have even if there a few mi- nor restrictions altering our daily routines. Being grateful for what we do have is a healthy attitude to follow and helps to eliminate the stresses of day to day life. I choose to have an optimistic at- titude because it makes each day a bit easier. I’ve almost eliminated virtu- ally all TV & news! There are times I have a defi-

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half of the tale. When this northwestern wind whispers to golfers, sailors and gypsies alike, it is a zephyr and it will cut your teeth. I be- lieve that links golf can bring many a wayfaring soul into the heart of the kingdom for it is where the voice of the ancestor lives and breathes. I may not have broken par on this day but shooting a 79 was nothing to hang my head in shame over given it was my first voy- age to this landscape. We should try to get out to different venues to see something new and to challenge ourselves on the tougher layouts. Even during these crazy times we still have op- tions and we should al- ways hear the voice of the Ocean calling to us

The Verbal Commute TM continued from page 3

nite strong opinion about certain subjects, but then I let them go as quickly as they were presented to me. I sleep much bet- ter when I learn to ‘drop’ something that causes a stressful reaction. You see, I identify with mother nature and thun- derstorms. They are predictable for the most part. I know where to go if they arrive, to keep me and those I love safe. I shelter in place because I respect nature’s fury if you will. I can sit back and know that the storm will eventually pass and continued from page 23

“Stop thinking, and end your problems.” ~ Lao Tzu

to bust out of our familiar stories.

Thank you to those

people and spirits who made this journey possi- ble. I owe you a debt of gratitude for the oppor- tunity to dig for gold on this western shore. Yes we may live inland but traveling to the coast to face the mystery of the unknown can only help to move us forward. Let the spirit of the links and the land it inhabits call us to our next vision quest. And may you all find that pot of gold at the rain- bow’s end.

Punitentiary The

I just quit my job at the Helium plant.

I will not be spoken to in that tone of voice.

I want to tell you about a girl who only eats plants. You’ve probably never heard of herbivore.

Why did the Nuclear Power Plant have an aquarium built next to it?

To put all its nuclear fission.

I once told a joke about macaroni.

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