Pg 22 • JULY 2020 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. JULY 2020 Crossword!Native or Not

with friends or the help of talented, trained profession- als.


1. “Oh my!” 5. Stalks 10. Hairdo

14. Pear-shaped instrument 15. Daring 16. Layer 17. Denizen 19. By mouth 20. Conceit

21. Lacquer ingredient 22. Foe

23. Snuggled 25. Scatter 27. Not young 28. Shears

31. Each and all 34. An attention-getting feat 35. Decay 36. Citrus fruit 37. Self-reproach 38. Gull-like bird 39. Venomous snake 40. Chivalrous 41. Optical maser 42. Federal

44. One of the tribes of Israel 45. Map within a map 46. Green with vegetation 50. Javelin 52. Unpaid 54. Average

55. Curved molding 56. Improve 58. Bother

59. Fine thread 60. Historical periods 61. Exam 62. Toward the outside 63. Friends

DOWN 1. Extraterrestrial

2. Move forward suddenly 3. A Musketeer 4. Ocean 5. Grinned 6. Lugged 7. Test 8. Very small 9. Collection

10. Makes amends 11. Pyrotechnics 12. 500 sheets 13. Paris airport 18. Tummy 22. At one time (archaic) 24. Ripped 26. Hue

28. Motionless 29. Debauchee 30. Sun

31. Distinctive flair 32. Brand of credit card 33. Void

34. Smaller than an atom 37. Departed

38. Found on most beaches 40. Schnozzola 41. Very slow in tempo 43. Unlawful intercourse 44. Refused

46. Country house 47. 3-banded armadillo 48. Area of South Africa 49. Amount of hair 50. Garret

51. Chills and fever 53. Toward sunset 56. Beer

57. Representative (abbrev.) Pg 22 • JULY 2020 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

I’m enticed by plants like Carpenteria californica ‘Eliz- abeth’. This 5-7 foot bush anemone is an evergreen with stunning yellow flow- ers. An early spring flower, Cardamine californica, also called Milk maids, has soft white or pink flowers atop 10-20 inch stems. It’s one of the first flowers of spring and does well in partially shaded areas. Like many native plants, unless ever- green, if left undisturbed, will die back in winter and after self-sowing will return again in spring even more floriferous than before. Ex- plore the many varieties of fragrant

ceonothus, also

called wild lilac, western red columbine, manzanita, milk- weeds and yarrow. There is purple allium, cow parsnip and coral bells, western ha- zelnut, poppies and brilliant native fuchsias of all kinds to choose from. I could

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ramble on, which I have, but you need to do your own re- search and explore the pos- sibilities. My neighbor loves the native buckwheat and her favorites are Eriogonum latifollum and E. grande ru- biscens. She says, “They’re tidy growers and have masses of wooly flowers that are loved by pollinators. Cut them back in winter for springtime wonderfulness.” She also reminds that Jail Industries has natives too and many other great plants at very affordable prices. Call them if you like at 707- 525-8310.

Recently talking with

Sherrie Althouse, co-owner of California Flora Nursery, she told me that “local, na- tive plants are the ultimate in sustainability. Not only are they adapted to our con- ditions but also to our native fauna such as the many species of native bees and birds. Adding natives to your garden is a way we can all

help the environment. You can do it slowly, replacing flowers or shrubs here and there at first.” I predict you’ll become so intrigued you won’t be able to stop. You won’t have to use chemi- cal pesticides ever again, no more fertilizers and not as much water anymore! ” What a revelation! There is a growing need for native plants to be around us and define our land- scape now.

It’s global with

larger areas, cities, towns and neighborhoods planting different species specific to their region. It seems now we are working with nature rather than against it at long last. Landscaping is more relaxed and not the per- fectly pristine ways of wa- ter thirsty past installations. Add color, add beauty, but most of all add natives. We have a choice now--Natives or Not! You decide.

ENTHUSIASM Solution for June 2020 CROSSWORD

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his

answers.” Voltaire

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t--you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford

Miz Kimberly

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