Summer GUIDE #2 By Jim Corbett ~

Sonoma County, CA. ~ Peacetown is alive and well, and our virtual shows are running each week beginning at 7:00pm. You can catch the action whenever you want at


peacetown. org. We have had four shows so far and the re- views from everyone are “two thumbs up”. You can call up all the past shows or pull up the current one whenever you have 45 minutes to check it out. Each episode has

two videos from each band that was scheduled to play at Peacetown, along with interviews of the band by Francis Rico, (aka Frank Hayhurst). We also feature a fine artist every week from the many talented artists in our community; a poem from Larry Robin- son; the Family Village with Elizabeth Smith; and the enlightening words of the

Wise Wizard of Wonder (Doug Von Koss). And we start out each week with a drum blessing from master drummer and spiri- tual mas- ter,


We also feature our business of the week, which is a business that exem- plifies the qualit ies of Peac- etown, a business that is

providing a ser- vice to help create the good, the holy and the beautiful in our world.

We have a

talented team of profes- sionals that

collect the

materials and our editor spins the magic and puts it all together. We have been doing lots of video in front of a green screen and the creativity of our editor makes those seg- ments pop. We are happy to be able to present the

fine musicians from our community that have been completely put out of work by the Covid isolation, and we give listeners an op- portunity to support them by passing around the tip jar during the show. You can also be-

come a “Citizen of Peac- etown” just by declaring yourself to be one, and fol- lowing the ‘Ways of Being in Peacetown’. Those ways include stuff most of you are al- ready

do - ing: Be Kind; Create Beauty; Build Community; Choose

Love over Fear; Laugh, Sing, Dance Play; Med- itate and/or Pray every Day; Love Yourself as a

Divine Being; See Oth- ers as Divine Beings; Be Grateful; Be Happy. Easy stuff like that. You can also be the

first one on your block to fly our Peacetown colors. We have Peacetown swag in the form of tee shirts for Men & Women, cozy

Hood- ies and

even pint beer

glasses and wine glasses too.


Stuff is flying off the shelf

You can also pick up shirts and hoodies at Global Vil- lage in downtown Sebas- topol. But above all tune in to the show.

You will be glad you did. After all, Peacetown is A Beautiful Place to BE!

Peacetown is...Alive and Well!

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • JULY 2020 • Pg 15 Fun Facts & Trivia #3

Only two people actually signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4: John Hancock and Char- les Thomson, secretary of Congress. Most of the others signed on August 2.

On July 4, 1778, George Washington ordered a double ration of rum for his soldiers to celebrate the holiday.

Fireworks have been a major part of Fourth of July since the earliest celebrations. In 1884, miners blew up the post office in Swan, Colorado, because it wasn’t supplied with fireworks.

Americans consume around 155 million hot dogs on the Fourth of July each year. They also spend $92 million on chips, $167.5 million on watermelon, and $341.4 million on beer.

We have Positive Solutions to

Unforeseen Interruptions! From time to time mini fender benders and accidents occur when you least expect them. And they do happen. We are a positive solution to these annoying interruptions. We hope you don’t have to call us. But if you do... We’ll be ready!

Now... Then... The watercolor artwork of Kimberly Childers of Santa Rosa, CA. Golf is my passion, and so is great barbecue. ~ John Daly

5800 Guerneville Rd. Sebastopol • 829-2477

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • JULY 2020 • Pg 15

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