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The Verbal Commute Te Real Fireworks!

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ I don’t know about many of you out there, but I love a good thunder- storm on occasion. This is the season for sure! What a better way than to experience a thun- der and lightning storm when you have time,


time...a lot of time! Nature has a

wonderful way of creating phenom- enal atmospheric displays that are second to none. The clouds, the shapes, wind, col- ors and so much more. The air becomes vibrant and alive! Since I was a young

boy, I loved thunder- storms. Wild, untamed and unpredictable. My dad would wake us kids up at three in the morning just to let us know there was a storm coming! Because he was raised and lived just south of Flint, Michigan , he experienced incredible storms


nating off the Great Lakes. He was al- ways so ex- cited! It caught on with me and my broth- ers naturally! We are all great fans, sending photos and vid- eos back & forth to each other. For me it is much better than fireworks ...hands down. Most fireworks to me are ok, but I tire of the massive man-made explosions that at some point give me a slight

is almost

scary in a way too. But lightning

and thunder

almost have a peaceful kind of sound even with


JULY 2020 • Pg 3

by Paul Andrew Doyle, Publisher ~ headache. It


the way to the Bay Area and to Napa in a single strike! For example, as I was writing this


cle, my wife indicated to me to read an ar- ticle by the Wash- ington Post . They recently reported that there was a world record light- ning ‘mega-flash’ in South America, lasting 16.73 sec- onds! It measured a length 440 miles long and was con- firmed by scientists and certified by the World Meteorolog- ical


the extreme volume when close to actual lightning strikes. It’s a bit scary, but entirely excit- ing to me. The thunder rolls after the flash be- cause where the light- ning originated, a ozone hole is created and col- lapses. The thunder appears to go on an on, but it only does this because these mas- sive cumulo- nimbus cells that create the lightning are sometimes spread


over miles and miles


large geographical ar- eas. In Sonoma County we are lucky to experi- ence t-storms from time to time, although rarely. For the observer, you might notice the light- ning spread out a long way! I’ve seen bolts spread

out from the coast at Bodega Bay all A poet is someone who stands outside in the rain hoping to be struck by lightning. ~ James Dickey UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • JULY 2020 • Pg 3

The Post said, “Large scale bands or arcs of thunder- storms, known as “mesoscale convective systems,” can yield ex- continued on page 17

Thanks to Ahmer Kalam for sharing his photo with us! A lightning strike in Cordoba, Spain.

“Plants are solar

powered air purifiers whose filter never needs

replacing.” Khang Kijarro Nguyen

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