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Sonoma County, CA. ~ Some times the best of us make mistakes. I did a major one on the front cover of the January 2020 Upbeat Times. I spelled 'Licensed' 'Licenced'. I did some research and found some inter- esting facts about the usage of the word. In- stead of using it as a verb, it was used as a noun, as used in Brit- ish English & Austra- lian spelling. It's a bit embarrass- ing. Like the water that goes down the drain clockwise in the northern


and counter clockwise in the southern hemi- sphere, I think my axis of spelling and my bearings for correct edit- ing have been a bit off as of late. No excuses, just a sincere observation

and recognition

I've been working a bit hard and not getting enough rest. I tried to correct this huge

mistake before it went to press in late December of 2019, the day before New Years Eve, but they had already printed the paper. I published a small article on facebook about it, but, I know not everyone reads Facebook all the time. Even me. That's why I'm making it public in the paper to let those that read my column know there was a blatant mistake in the headline and I'm really trying to make sure it doesn't happen again...ever. Yes, be- ing human can truly be chal- lenging. I know it's not the end of the world because I know my intent to be the best I can be is entirely sincere. This wasn't my first adven-

ture in misspelling. I've always had a slight challenge with dyslexia. Santa Rosa for ex- ample comes out for me when typing fast is 'Snata Rsoa'. I always got a B in english no

and there, which I wiped up. The next day it was fair time and the front doors were open to the public.

After what was about 20 minutes into the fair, a person

matter how hard I tried. When I was in second or third grade I think, my teacher, Mrs. El- lis assigned me

to paint the

headline on the sign for the craft

fair our school would

be putting on in the follow- ing week. Each student got an assignment to spell out word sof various treats and cookies and desserts that the parents agreed to provide for sale. It was a craft & food fair Oak Grove School of Sebastopol put on each year for fund-rais- ing purposes. Our class re- ceived the booth that was as- signed to sell desserts. My job was to paint the major head- line for the sign, "Desserts Sold Here!" Desserts was the main word and very large, (I think it was at least 5 or 6 feet wide, the sign area, that is.) I proudly began to paint the headline. I did well too! I kept the paint inside the lines al- lowing only a few drips here

came up to my teacher and be- gan talking to her and pointing at the sign. I did not hear what they were saying, but some- thing seemed wrong as Mrs. Ellis looked back at me and smiled ever so slightly. After the patron had left our

booth and moved on, Mrs. El- lis came over to me and gently let me know I had misspelled the word 'desserts'. The sign actually

read 'Deserts sold

here'. Before I could fix my mistake, another man came by and said, "I'd like to buy one of your deserts, but I'm not sure how I'm going to fit it in the my car! Ha Ha Ha!'. He was sincere and suggested I fix it before more people noticed it. This is when the teacher showed me one of the first ed- iting procedures. She showed me how to 'insert a letter by putting a little

'v' above

the point where the other 's' should go. I did this and it was

Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died. ~ Erma Bombeck

all better, and I had learned a lesson, however, in a most public manner. I am forever thankful that my teacher had helped me without making a huge deal out of it and not em- barrassing me in front of my classmates. She reminded me later af- ter I again gave her an 'apology', informing me that that was why we go to learn. Even at 56 years of age, I am learning more than I ever did then. I will learn from this mistake. I always learn from them. I'll probably make more in the future, but I'll try my absolute best not too. I thank all of you for your complete and ongoing

understanding support!

NOTE: This issue is the beginning ouf our 22nd year!

May this issue find you well!


Facts & Trivia # 1

Salt was so valuable in ancient Rome that soldiers were sometimes paid with it. In fact, the word “salary” comes from the Latin word sal, for salt. When a soldier was doing a lousy job, his paycheck might be cut, which is how we got the expression

“not worth his salt.”

About 17 % of the salt we consume is found naturally in food, from fish to vegetables.

Every winter, between one and two million tons of rock salt is spread on the roads of Britain.

Your kidneys very precisely filter your salt intake – any that is not essential to your body is excreted.

On The Cover

Back in 1994 I did an acrylic painting on a hand stretched canvas measuring 4ft x 8ft. I was inspired by the beautiful simplicity of the southwest and the outbacks of many countries where life is at a bare minimum as far as land- scape and floliage goes. This is a 2ft x 3ft section of that painting which hangs in our living room.

Paul Andrew Doyle

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