What's Up Sonoma County Celebrated Ancestor’s Life dozen years.

He also guest-conducted the Berlin Phil- harmonic Orchestra and the Los Ange- les Phil- harmonic Orchestra numer - ous times, wrote nine sympho- nies (finish- ing the last just before his death at age 92). He spoke eight languages, was the first to breed what he called “a bare-necked chicken” (known as turkens today), penned numerous sci- entific articles on agriculture, and made friends and acquain- tances of many of the most es- teemed classical musical per- sonalities of his day, both in Europe and the U.S. His first wife was the first woman ever admitted to study medicine at

NOVATO, CA. ~ The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art presents “Elmer Bischoff: A Survey of Paintings and Drawings, 1937 - 1972,” opening on February 29 and run- ning through April 19, 2020. The exhibit includes 38 expres- sive works that illus- trate Bischoff’s visual journey from abstrac- tion to figuration, and back again, over the course of four de- cades. Bischoff was a Bay Area painter deeply the

engaged in practice of put-

ting paint on canvas in a way that kept him constantly searching for some- thing just out of his reach. His paintings are sensual and lyr- ical, with marks and compo-

The exhibit is comprised of rarely-viewed works loaned from private collections and from members of Bischoff’s

the prestigious University of Amsterdam, and two extra- ord i n a ry events he personally witnessed were the dedica - tion of the


Tower in Paris, as well as the Wright brothers m a k i n g their initial demonstra- tion flight for Amer- ican itary

mil- per-


However, the thing that im- pressed me most was his abso- lute joy in the act of living. No matter the ups and downs of his life, and there were many, his curiosity and optimism always won out. Among the storied chapters of his nearly century-long life, he was rais- ing six small children at age 64, and farming a 21-acre

sitions influenced by his love of music, including New Or- leans Jazz and classical music.


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orange orchard at 82. I guess you could say when life gave my Fahta lemons, he made or- ange juice!

~ The resulting book, One

Maestro’s Journey – A Cel- ebrated Life of Music & In- genuity, contains over four dozen

vintage B/W photos

and “mini-biographies” of il- lustrious individuals Maestro Heinrich

Hammer stellar encoun-

tered on his journey. It’s re- ceived

reviews from

Publishers Weekly (known as “the bible of the publishing industry”), as well as Midwest Book Review, relied upon by bookstore buyers and librar- ians nationwide since 1976. Available at bookstores na- tionwide and on Amazon, learn more about his storied life: ~

Media Relations contact: (Ms.) “Sam” Jernigan, Renaissance Consultations,, cell: 530.362.1339

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art presents Elmer Bischoff

family. The public is invited to the Art Talk on Saturday, February 29, 4pm - 5pm with Meghan O'Callaghan, art scholar and curator from Toronto, Canada. The talk is followed by a reception from 5pm - 7pm. An exhibition catalog featuring an es- say by former Stanford Cantor Arts Center cu- rator Hilarie Faberman will be available for purchase. Art Talk: Feb- ruary 29, 4pm - 5pm: Meghan O'Callaghan, art scholar and curator from Toronto, Canada. Opening Reception, February 29 from 5pm - 7pm. 500 Palm Drive,

Novato, CA 94949. Media inquires:

Susan Sharman: (415) 506-0137

I'm no leader; I'm a little humble follower. ~ Muhammad Ali

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February 20, 2020

NIYAZ Presents The Fourth Light Project

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • FEBRUARY 2020 • Pg 19 JOKES & Humor #5

Rohnert Park, CA. ~ No- table

electroacoustic group

NIYAZ in collaboration with interactive designer/visual art- ist Jerome Delapierre present The Fourth Light Project, a cutting-edge, immersive, mul- ti-sensory show unlike any other. This groundbreaking multi-media experience com- bines live musical and dance performance with interactive technologies

projection/ body- mapping techniques

that to

and advanced respond

sound and movement in real time. Green Music Center, 1801 East Cotati Avenue, Roh- nert Park, California. Phone: 707-664-4246 ~

An auto mechanic received a repair order that said to check for a clunking noise when going around corners. He took the car out for a test drive and made two right turns, each time hearing a loud clunk. Back at the shop, he returned the car to the service manager with this note: "Removed bowling ball from trunk."

Santa Rosa • 2875 Santa Rosa Ave. • 525-0569


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