base and they toured across the States, from Honolulu to Harlem, for over a decade. It was a transformative year for David in 1975 when he joined ranks with the leg- endary Frank


musician a

brilliant jazz and bebop player who was the premier trombone of choice for all those mas- terful Miles Davis/ Gil Evans collabo-

Sonoma County, CA. ~ In 1959 when David Sydney Scott decided to seek his for- tune by leaving his native Australia,

he had no idea

where his dream of a life as a musician would take him. During his fabulous journey, he crisscrossed the globe join- ing up with bands or forming his own groups and delivering sounds laced

with authen-

tic musical influences from around the world. Even as a teen, David man- aged to start out with one of Australia's seminal


tions to the Rock and Roll tidal wave movement by playing sax with Lonnie Lee and The Leemen. While touring Austra- lia they played such hit singles as Johnny Guitar andThe Huck- lebuck. With this early success David was playing with top musicians, learning how to de- liver the winning combination of pushing the edge of musical expression along with tech- nical virtuosity. The SS Ka- nimbla, a popular cruise ship, would be the site of David's next adventure as he hooked up with a trio who played both dance music and jazz. This gave David the oppor-

tunity to perform while travel- ing between Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and New Guinea. New Caledonia was his next stop blowing tenor sax for the L'Orchestre Les Freres Hars, a famous French big-band

dance orchestra. Furthering

exploring the South Seas, Da- vid traveled to Tahiti and es- tablished his own hard driving five-piece band at the legend- a ry Zizou bar. He became fluent

in creating

Music is many things but most of all it is and art. It allows a human being to take all the dry, technically boring ( but difficult) techniques, and use them to create emotion. That is one thing science cannot duplicate:humanism, feeling, emotion, call it what you will.

rations. Frank would become a major influence and guide along David's musical journey for the next ten years. David, along with his close friend Doug Robinson, worked with this jazz great on many perfor- mances and recording projects and David credits Frank for his

lifelong passion

for jazz. Anot he r musical color was added to Da- vid's evolution when he moved to California and joined a pop- ular Cajun and Zydeco Band led by Cajun accordi- onist Richie Domin- que of Lafayette, Louisiana.


current band, Gator Nation, now based in Sonoma County, has garnered


F rench and

played with

such greats as Tony Chardo and Jean Pierre Vincent, re- cording The Surfsider's best selling album for Yves Roche. During the sixties the Tahiti connection led him to move across the globe to St. Moritz, Switzerland, and then, on to Hawaii. It was in Hawaii that David joined up with Bobby Simmons and Sandy Bailey and formed an eclectic, rock fusion band called IS: Interna- tional Set. Their versatility and originality found a steady fan

popularity with audiences from New Orleans to the Breaux Bridge Zydeco Festival, as well as across the western United States and Canada. Gator Nation man- ages to conjure up a brew of influences that includes South Louisiana’s Cajun/Zydeco and New Orleans Jazz, filtered through the edgy eclectic style of the San Francisco Bay Area. Like a good gumbo, the fusion of Cajun and Zydeco creates a flavor that is always spicy. David is well known for his talent of interweaving the horn with the accordion and

You know you're getting old when the candles cost more than the cake. ~ Bob Hope UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • FEBRUARY 2020 • Pg 29

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • FEBRUARY 2020 • Pg 29 Gatornation Saxophonist Sydney Scott Publishes Platypus Picnic for Children an unprecedented

style, unique to the world of zydeco. Blurring the lines that separate per-conceived styles of music, David Scott is a musician who is constantly evolving, open to new ideas and lev- els of authenticity. He has a broad of

range musical CD Sydney Platypus

projects including composing, record- ing, performing, and teaching. His Plays

Music for Children, and the companion book, The Great Adventure of Sydney Platy- pus was released in 2019. His latest band, Collaboration Jazz pushes sound to the next level in their hot blend of jazz, African,

Brazilian and pop.

It's hard to catch up with Da- vid, but keep on trying. When you arrive on his scene, it will be well worth the effort.

Sydney Platypus Brings Music Alive In Young Hearts!

Sydney Platypus is a chil- dren’s book and performance based music program that in- troduces kindergarten through eighth grade students to vari- ous music styles.

This program brings pro-

fessional, dedicated Sonoma County musicians and bands to your school to present a va- riety of music, classical, jazz, blues, rock, and cajun zydeco, in a program that is engaging, entertaining,

inspiring, and

motivating. Working musicians will share what inspired them to learn and play why the love

music, and playing. Da-

vid Sydney Scott is part of the local band Gatornation, who recorded this song Platy- pus Picnic and we perform this song for children all over california, oregon and idaho .

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