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Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Q: Got a word to help me stay hopeful that I can turn things around, when they seem to not be going my way?

A: Sure do, and I’d like to do that by recycling and re- using a piece I wrote back in December of 2016, sharing a fun, great Greek word that can do just that!

Scores of hopeful wannabes were lin- ing up to showcase their special talents and against all odds, be chosen as the best. But this cattle-call audition was happening inside my head –a mob of ambitious words clamoring for my attention, each trying to seduce me into picking it for my column. Parading around in multi-cultural diversity, they tossed coiffed sylla- bles at me, teasing for recognition. A French bon mot sang out dramat- ically from the back, “What about me?” --upstaging a Polynesian

beauty and two competing meta- physical concepts.

“I’ll consider

you all somehow,” I stammered, anxious to placate them and get some relief. With both my moon and rising sign astrologically in Libra, I wanted to be fair –and relevant for the New Year. “Then I am your best bet,” piped a stately Greek word, dressed in a traditional laurel wreath, a white tu- nic, but sporting red Converse tennies. It continued: “I’m un- usually versatile, fun to

say, and highly

useful. My name is Apocatastasis. Call my name whenever things seem to not be going your way.” “So if I need a ‘do over,’” I replied, “another chance to get it right --like when I was a kid and wanted an- other try at kicking the soccer ball- - I can just holler, “Apocatastasis?” “Yes, you could use me that way,” offered the Greek, “but I am much more versatile than that. If things


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seem to be coming apart or other- wise going badly, I help you get on your feet again, get centered and restore your faith in what’s coming next.” There was a decided confi- dence in his manner. Could be just my thing, a word

that’s a reset button, or that helps set things upright again. It could re-balance or align and steady me, or bring order to chaos. Just say, “ Apoc a - tastasis

!” and in-

vite opportunity to come knocking in the middle of a seeming disaster. Hey, why not?

So, I thought out loud, I should apply your advice to the stunningly bad news I got about my main gig at a nursing facility drastically downsizing, cutting my employ- ment hours by eighty per cent. Some Christmas present… “Say my name at once!” urged Apoca- tastasis, “it’s never too late! If you intend to land on your feet, you can find good fortune hidden in this unexpected event. Command bless- ings to emerge from this upset!

by Marcia Singer of Santa Rosa, CA. ~

You’ll see --it will work,” said my new benefactor, smiling broadly. I relaxed my shoulders, sat up straighter and took a hopeful breath, “A-po-ca-tah-stay-sis”… I took another breath and tried again, louder, as if to actually inject some magic into the mix: “Apoca- tastasis”! “Now

you’re cookin’

on all cylinders,” replied my new Friend with slightly mixed metaphors. “Whether it’s a simple unraveling or a major shake-up, use me to roll with the changes, and ac- tivate beneficial outcomes. Tap into positive, creative power.” So instead of just being knocked for a loop, I could invite a support- ive landing: hey, why not? Taking charge of my intentions for positive outcomes is always key to success, re-establishing my ground, moving towards desired outcomes. Calling out “Apocatastasis” can make set- backs into do-overs and turn upside downers into instigators of an even more satisfying life.

And guess what?! Hindsight

showed that the exercise did work! I had a serendipitous, magical turn of events. A good friend happened to call to see if I had any free time to do paid music visits each week for two

months --right

down the road at her mom’s board and care com-

munity. Yes, I did! After that, the owner hired me full time --an even better ‘gig’ than the one I was so sad to lose at the time I wrote this piece three years ago.

May we each call up an Upbeat 2020, and see any stressings turn into blessings.

Shine deLight,

This month’s entry was originally published in January of 2016. It was reprinted here with permission from Paul Doyle, publisher of the Upbeat Times.


I prefer doing TV, where it can be different every time. ~ Carol Burnett


APOCATASTASIS (ah-po-kah-tah-stay-sis)

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