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Sonoma County, CA. ~ It is February and LOVE is in the

air. Just ask St. Valen- tine, the 3rd Century priest who secretly married couples to keep the hus- bands from going to war. The cards, candy and flowers came

later, but

it is a wonderful holiday that re- minds us of the opportunity


have to love. And, it seems everyone gets swept up in the celebration of loved ones. Long married couples, newlyweds, and even school children ex- change “Be My Valentine” sentiments. It is the national holiday of my Love Choir,

whose members all exchange cards as we sing our favor- ite love songs. But this Love thing, which we revere so much, seems to be many dif- ferent things with many feels.

different Love is an ex-

change of energy, an appreciation of being in the world


and an acknowl- edgement of that shared Being. There is the love of nature that we experience

when the view of the ocean or a mountain vista takes our breath away. There is that crazy love we share with our pets. Your dog will eagerly

lap up all the affection you bestow, whereas your cat will, if you’re lucky, allow you to stroke its fur in exchange for their consent to sit on your lap. Of course, people love is what we seem to empha- size the most, but even those relationships

feel different.

There is the familial love of your mate of many years that is distinctly different from the rush of love you had when you first met. The love of children is ever changing, as it moves from their total dependence on their parents, to a resentment of that dependence in their teen years, and followed by an appreciation of their upbring- ing by their parents. Often that appreciation comes when they have their own children, and

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Unforeseen Interruptions! From time to time mini fender benders and accidents occur when you least expect them. And they do happen. We are a positive solution to these annoying interruptions. We hope you don’t have to call us. But if you do... We’ll be ready!

Becky & I did a Christmas trans-Atlantic crossing, along with the latest issue of Upbeat Times. Starting from Lisbon, we were sup- posed to stop in the Azores and Bermuda before ending in Mi- ami. However, there was a storm in our path so the ship diverted south, stopping at Madeira Portugal where it rained – again due to the storm. Heavy seas, opposing wind and current slowed the ship’s progress, so we also skipped the port call in Bermuda to make our schedule for our Miami arrival. Thus, no typical land- mark picture. Rather, we posed with a scale model of the ship. Still, Christmas at sea was an experience and we enjoyed the ship, onboard activities and food. ~ Len Schwer of Windsor, CA.

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Our entire paper is strictly for entertainment purposes and nearly 100% positive in nature. From time to time there are a few mistakes, and occa- sionally a few spelling errors. Also, some of the information/ jokes/facts may or may not be true as well as the sources of information that are contrib- uted. We can guarantee with certainty that we thoroughly check all sources of informa- tion. Sum thymes wii allsew

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