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fluff soil in pots. Pull weeds while the ground is still satu- rated, pile them up and add to your compost bin. Spray your vinegar/alcohol/soap

ommendations. mixture

on beginning weeds now. Think about installing an ir- rigation system this month in new and existing gardens. Lo- cally there are plenty of com- panies/people that can make this happen for you. Harmony Farms can provide many rec-


you like 707-823-9125. Experience and breathe in

the chill of this spectacular season.

Take in the beauty

that is all around you and let it quench your wintry soul. Dance in

this unrivaled re-

awakening. Rejoice with the tiny gold finches, white crown sparrows, oak titmouse and dark eyed juncos singing songs of coming spring!

North Bay Regional Construction & Building Trades Employment Training Center - SRJC Awarded $7.12 Million Grant For Project by Erin Bricker •

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) and the Sonoma County Economic Development Board (EDB) are pleased to announce the award of $7.12 million in grant funding to construct the North Bay Regional Construc- tion and Building Trades Em- ployment Training Center on the SRJC Petaluma campus. The grant is funded by US

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$1829.00 INCLUDING Vent kit

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Economic Development Ad- ministration (EDA) disaster relief funds. The new center is projected to train hundreds of construction

and trades

workers annually in order to support ongoing county-wide recovery and rebuild efforts after the October 2017 wild- fires. “Affordable housing is extremely limited in Sonoma County right now and con- struction professionals are in high demand,” SRJC Presi- dent Frank Chong said. “I am thrilled that SRJC will be able to provide high-quality train- ing for students who want to enter the building trades at this new facility. This is another way that the college will help build a foundation for Sonoma County’s future.”

After some of the deadli-

• Heat up to 950 Sq. Ft. • No Power Required to operate • Optional Fan, Remote Thermostat • Made in the U.S.A.

est wildfires in California’s history destroyed over 5,300 homes in

October 2017, a

housing impact study was commissioned as a part of the Strategic Sonoma Action Plan partnership recovery efforts. The study by Beacon Eco- nomics identified the need to

build 30,000 more housing units to account for local fire losses, overcrowding, and em- ployment growth, according to Sonoma County EDB Ex- ecutive Director Sheba Per- son-Whitley.

Person-Whitley also com-

mented that the project was a great example of a collab- orative partnership between the EDB and SRJC. The EDB also led efforts to secure a $1 million matching grant from the Tipping Point Commu- nity Foundation. “If partners are able to mobilize around the Regional Construction and Trades Training and Em- ployment Center to achieve this ambitious goal, Sonoma County could position itself as a model for addressing this pressing post-disaster relief need in other California com- munities,” added 2nd District Supervisor David Rabbitt. “The center, operating at full capacity, should be able to produce up to 500 skilled job seekers each year, which will make a big impact on the critical

Sebastopol, CA. ~ Food For Thought and Rialto Cinemas in Sebastopol celebrate Hol- lywood's biggest awards night in style! Join us for a fabulous evening as we view the annual awards ceremony LIVE on the big screen. We will have great raffle prizes, movie trivia and costume contests, and a prize for the audience member who correctly predicts the most winners!

Beneficiary: Proceeds support

shortage of trained workers in the construction industry,” said Nancy Miller, Director of Regional Adult Education Programs for SRJC and

the Sonoma County

Adult Education Consortium, who led the SRJC’s efforts to secure the grant funding. Phone: 707-527-4679 or contact

Lauren Cartwright:

Phone: 707-565-7298

Food For Thought, a nonprofit organization that provides heal- ing food and nutrition to more than 850 Sonoma County resi- dents living with a range of se- rious illnesses, who are at risk of malnutrition. Comprehen- sive nutrition services include healthy groceries (enough for 21 meals per week), prepared meals, nutrition counseling and hands-on healthy cooking classes. Food For Thought’s nutrition services increase the health of clients, reduce food insecurity, decrease costs to the health care system and im- prove the lives of hundreds of individuals living in Sonoma County.

Pareidolia: Rock at base of final climb to top of Half Dome, Yosemite. PAD Photo 2017


Sunday, February 9. Red Carpet begins at 4 p.m., Show starts at 5 p.m. Rialto Cine- mas, 6868 McKinley Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472 Kathleen Haack,

(707) 887-1647 ext. 107

A gift, with a kind countenance, is a double present. ~ Thomas Fuller

2020 Awards Night Viewing Party

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