Continued from cover... Cockermouth Travel also held an event at Cockermouth Show, raising £737.23 for Hospice at Home West Cumbria.

20127 O Established 1980 WE HELP YOU FIND HOLIDAYS

Imagine a person, a real person, whose sole aim was to make sure that you have an exceptional holiday. Someone who would support you every step of the way and secure you the best possible deal, saving you both time and

money. An expert in all facets of travel who can draw on personal experience and inside knowledge to ensure that you have a hassle-free journey and a great time when you get there. Someone that you could turn to if anything goes wrong. When was the last time you met someone like that?

Paul explained: “As a local business celebrating 40 years trading on Main Street, I feel it's really important to put something back into the community which supports us, and this is one of the ways we can contribute.”

As an independent travel agent, we have a whole team of people dedicated to creating a holiday tailored to your individual requirements. We’ll ensure you’re looked after in all aspects of your trip.

Celebrating 40 years in business 1980 – 2020 tel: 01900 822308

Cockermouth Travel

60 Main Street, Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 9LU

COCKERMOUTH TRAVEL It’s silly season here at CT!

This year, Paul is looking for charities to be the recipients of their 2020 fundraising campaign.

Contact Paul and his team for further details.

Dry January was cancelled on the 3rd due to lack of interest and willpower! The balmy quiet December days of having time to drink your coffee while it’s still hot and gorge yourself on cake, chocolates and biscuits kindly donated by our lovely customers are long gone. January brings early starts, late finishes, cold coffee and the whole office is on a diet, while we work flat out looking for amazing holidays. Should calm down by November!

Going green! Making time for care

Lakeland Care prides itself on ‘Making Time for Care’ by providing the best personal and social care for residents and acting as a key part of the extended family to ensure a bespoke support for each resident’s family and friends

le u‘We’re here to help -

Holmewood Cockermouth 01900 828664

Hames Hall Cockermouth 01900 827601

s be part o the family’

Chichester Hall Silloth

016973 32478

It seems like carbon offsetting is the new trend for the UK. With lots of big corporations jumping on the bandwagon in 2019, we were ahead of the game, having started our going green tree planting project in 2009. Since then, we have planted around 7,000 trees, all within 10 miles of Cockermouth. In 2020, we are teaming up with some of our business travel customers (the ones with the biggest carbon footprints) to try and plant 3,000 native trees. The first project will be in the Coledale Valley near Keswick in March, where with the kind cooperation of the National Trust, we will plant 500 trees to try and help flood and erosion problems created during the 2009 floods. If you have land and would like some trees, please get in touch.

Are you a fan of airline food?

Do you crave the thrill of peeling back the tinfoil and becoming a forensic scientist, whilst you try to work out what the meal on your tray


Etihad Airlines have a fantastic service for family’s using their network. They fly from Manchester, via Abu Dhabi to lots of destinations in Africa, Asia and Australia. On every flight, they have a team of Norland Trained (just like Will and Harry had) flight attendant/nannies. They will help keep your small people entertained with games, face- painting, competitions, provide child meals and generally just try to make your long-haul flight go smoother.

Call in for a chat!

Leanne has just returned from an amazing family holiday in South Africa, which you can read all about in next month’s issue but meanwhile please don’t hesitate to call in for a chat!

Any finally!

I know nobody likes to talk about their age but this year, we are going to shout about it! We are 40 years old on the 1st June and will be proud to be one of very few businesses who are still in Cockermouth and owned and operated by the same family as they were 40 years ago when I still had hair!

Paul Cusack, Cockermouth Travel ISSUE 438 | 23 JANUARY 2020 | 37

Cockermouth TR A V EL

table used to be? Then next time you are in Kualar Lumpur, visit Air Asia’s new restaurant ‘Santan’ which only serves airline meals. That’s another one for the very bottom of my bucket list!

40th Birthday

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