Mother always said: “Go out with wet hair and you’ll catch a cold.” Well, I came back from the swimming pool without drying it and sure enough, a few days later, I succumbed.


Happy New Year! It’s that time again when most of us think about making our New Year’s resolutions.

Sometimes we make and carry them through fully - and sometimes we do nothing or abandon them pretty quickly.

Perhaps that’s because we didn’t really want to do whatever we said we were going to do - and we said we would do it because we thought we ought to. Maybe we felt under pressure from our families or friends to give something up or try something new when we didn’t really want to.

Perhaps it’s because we didn’t know when, or how to start and needed some help. Giving up habits or old, ‘unuseful’ behaviours. Starting something completely new in life can be daunting when you try to do it by yourself.

Maybe you’ve been through some trauma, or you’ve been bullied and have resolved to deal with it but just haven’t known where to start. Perhaps you don’t like or love yourself enough and don’t think you’re worth it.

Dr. David Hamilton, internationally renowned for his work on mind/body connection and kindness, says that there are 3 stages of self-love - or self- esteem, which directly impact the lives we lead and the things we choose to do or not do. Sadly, many people spend their entire life in Stage 1.

STAGE 1. “I’m not good enough” or, simply, “I’m not enough”.

STAGE 2. “I’ve had enough” - where we have got to the point of not accepting things as they are any more - the choice point for action and to change - and finally:

STAGE 3. “I am enough” - hopefully, given time, a stage many of us will reach.

If you are in stage 1 or stage 2 and want to create change in your life, whether big or small, get in touch. My work is very much about helping people to discover what’s holding them back, then helping them to identify and take their first steps and create the change they want in their lives. Check out my website to see how I can help.

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I saw it off fairly fast with a combination of rest, bouncing and this concoction:

• Lemon juice – source of vitamin C and antioxidants

• Honey (½ tsp) – complex and mysterious with anti-bacterial healing properties, honey is still sugar so use in moderation

• ½ inch chopped fresh ginger root – it’s anti- bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral

• 3 cloves – anaesthetic properties (ever popped one by your gum for toothache?) They’re also anti-bacterial, anti- inflammatory and expectorant

• 1 tsp coconut oil – it’s anti-bacteria, anti- fungal, anti-viral and soothing

Pour on boiling water and let it steep for a minute or two to make a tasty, soothing drink.

And the bouncing? It speeds up the flow of lymph around your body. Use an old- fashioned skipping rope or go gentle on your knees with a trampoline.

Top tip: Mum was right; it’s worth spending time drying your hair and getting bundled up with a hat and scarf before going out in the cold.

And now for something completely different...

I love to read The Cockermouth Post, a good book or anything interesting I can hold in my hands. Computers really aren’t my thing, so in these days of constant Facebook posts and pictures on Instagram, I’m

ISSUE 438 | 23 JANUARY 2020 | 16

More recently, research has found that breathing cold air, affects how well your defence mechanisms deal with invading viruses, making it more likely you’ll catch something. The Common Cold Centre in Cardiff has experimented on some poor volunteers. The evidence is equivocal, but it seems that blood vessels in the nose and throat contract when you are cold and wet, which reduces the number of white blood cells available to protect you. That short period of time when your defences are lowered, can be enough for the viruses around us to take hold.


woefully sporadic with social media. However, towards the end of last year, other than my regular Quotes of the Month and nutrition articles, I disappeared almost completely from digital view.

What had I been up to? With much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I’ve stretched my dismal I.T. abilities to publish a book of poems for a wonderful lady I know. Jennie Doran, originally from Blennerhasset, is 92 years young and was married to Billy, a coal miner from Whitehaven, until he died in 2000. Since then, she’s used her poetry to celebrate their love and bring out

the colour of a life lived to the full in spite of grief. A keen observer of life, Jennie brings out the funny side of ordinary situations from holiday calamities to pets.

Here’s a peek – great as a poem, not a nutritional recommendation you understand!


Treacle Pud, that’s really good, Arctic Roll says it all.

Raspberry Ripple, goes well with a tipple, Wobbly Jelly, shakes in the belly.

Currant Cake, with a cup of tea to take, Black Forest Gateaux, makes you fatto. Sticky Toffee Pudding, that’s a real good un, Banoffee Toffee, yummy with coffee. Sago, Tapioca and Rice, old fashioned

but nice. Treacle Tart and Lemon Meringue,

So many puddings, I could go on and on. Yum, yum, puddings galore,

Like Oliver Twist, I want more, more, more.

Poems on Life, Faith and a Widow’s Love is available in Cockermouth from The New Bookshop, in Whitehaven from Cornerstone, The Beacon and on Amazon.

Jackie Wilkinson Nutrition Coaching 07782 477 364

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