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The 2020 Vision!

In the last decade I committed to more fully understanding what it takes to be truly healthy and so recently I’ve been reflecting on some of the more curious health and fitness trends we’ve seen in the last 10 years; from the chocolate and red wine “SIRT” diet to CBD oil in everything! We’ve seen extreme carb-cutting, sauna suits, organ-crushing waist-trainers, “tough- mudders” and the rise of unregulated YouTube workouts to name just a few.

Work With Me This Year

Yoga Classes & Mentoring I teach classes to suit all levels, blending traditional with body conditioning elements to create strong, fluid and intelligently sequenced classes set to a background of carefully curated playlists. I also offer mentoring to exceptional students, those thinking of teaching or those beginning their teaching journey. New students can practice throughout February for just £25*

Yoga Prescriptions Tese private sessions are perfect for anyone starting their yoga

journey as well as serious students looking to delve more deeply into their practice, understand the subtleties of alignment and experience the therapeutic benefits of yoga.

Events & Talks I will be reaching wider audiences this decade through offering

open talks and ticketed events. Find me next at: FIT Cumbria, Rheged – 1st & 2nd February Fort William Mountain Festival – 20th February

Nutritional Coaching In the last decade my work has shiſted from nutritional educator

to facilitator. I now work with many clients who know what to do but need help with the “doing”. I offer a free 15-minute “good fit” consultation before taking on coaching clients and you can book your slot via my booking platform.

Guided Programmes I offer six and twelve week guided programmes including:

Female Hormone Rebalancing – Starts 1st March Gut Transformation (6 weeks) – Starts 1st March

Trends come and, thankfully, many go as their potential to do lasting damage is huge. But, whilst ever there is a desire for quick fixes without making long-term adjustment, fads will continue to hold appeal for those lacking clarity of what real change involves. Also, operating from a position of self-dissatisfaction and “push” motivation increases the likelihood of choosing damaging and unsustainable “health” goals.

But, transformation really is possible for anyone prepared to do the “internal” work; analysing what truly needs to change and then envisioning what that will look like; for example, a clear vision of your most enlivened self is a much more powerful motivator than jumping on your bathroom scales to see if you’ve lost a kilo or so.

For this reason I encourage my clients to set intentions underpinned by “pull” motivators. Intentions are something we can continually work on; they require our constant attention and can grow with us to offer us the best chance of evolving.

And for me? Well it is time to integrate academic study with powerful life-lessons and listen to what my heart, body, mind and soul have been telling me all along; my intention for 2020 is to honour myself. I want to “step up” to my full potential - leading by example so I can serve, teach and help others to access the innate wisdom that we all have, and move forward with gentle grace.

07712 531365 • Classes are held at: Eaglesfield Village Hall (CA13 0RN)

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2020 Wellbeing

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