This month, I have a popular fell walk for you, which provides delightful views and a few locations for you to visit if you fancy a short stroll in the area.

Scotland in the north. In the west, the Isle of Man can be seen and views to the east extend to the Scafells’ and Pillar – on a clear day, that is!

Descend NW via the path alongside the wall to Black How to reach the road to turn right to return to Wath Bridge. There were some forestry operations at Blackhow Wood in November. Look out for diversion signs if appropriate.

by Cumbria Wildlife Trust. The former quarry is a scheduled Site of Special Scientific Interest and is of botanical, geological and industrial archaeological importance. This is a short stroll of less than a mile. The Site is located on the road to Moor Row from Cleator. Parking is in a layby near the Reserve entrance – Grid Ref NY008124. For more details, view: reserves/clints-quarry nature-reserve/

Wath Bridge

Flat Fell [871 feet] and Dent [1131ft] – 5.4 miles – this is a walk featured in Alfred Wainwright’s ‘The Outlying Fells of Lakeland’ Pictorial Guide starting at Wath Bridge [Grid reference NY031144], just a short distance from the well signposted Wath Brow Hornets RLFC on A5086. This walk provides viewing platforms on two of the most westerly fells. There is adequate parking near the bridge.

Up & Over in style

For an overview of this route, I recommend using OS Explorer Map OL4 [North – Western area] and Alfred Wainwright’s Pictorial Guide Book – ‘The Outlying Fells of Lakeland’. The following website provides a map of the route as well as a few more photographs: 02.html

Longlands Lake

Other areas to explore are the former railways, many of which are now part of the National Cycle Network. It is possible to walk, or cycle from Rowrah to Whitehaven Harbour and pass through Cleator and Cleator Moor. In addition, Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Walk route from St. Bees to Ennerdale Bridge passes through this area via Moor Row, Cleator, Dent, Nannycatch Gate and Kinniside.

Nannycatch Valley

Cross the bridge over River Ehen to head along the main road to Ennerdale Bridge for just 180 yards, to turn right onto Nannycatch Road and head steadily uphill. At the end of the road, pass through the gate to follow the bridleway until a wall on the left turns uphill. From here, look out for a faint path that climbs steadily upwards to Flat Fell summit. Good views from here towards Blake Fell and Great Borne (main image). Then, head SSW to descend on the faint path to cross Nannycatch Gate. Enjoy the sound of the gently flowing Kirk Beck before starting the climb to Dent just after passing Raven Crag on your right. Look out for the path near a small footbridge. It climbs gradually until you reach a stile to cross a high fence where a forest road is alongside. Turn left for 50 yards, then bear right to reach the summit.

Black Combe can be seen to the south and there are uninterrupted views of Cumbrian Coast from the Ravenglass Estuary to the Solway Firth and across to

WWW.COCKERMOUTHPOST.CO.UK View to the Coast from Dent

Longlands Lake – A delightful stroll of less than a mile, mainly flat in an area that was once an iron ore mine. It first produced ore in 1879 from four pits. By 1924, the mines had been abandoned and in 1939, the mines started to subside, flooding the area to create the Lake. Longlands was acquired by Cumbria County Council in 1980 and is now a haven for wildlife. Start from the car park off the A5086 between Cleator and Egremont [Grid Ref NX013130, Postcode CA23 3AD. View map and details via: t/544/932/40350113327.pdf

Clints Quarry Nature Reserve – owned and managed ISSUE 438 | 23 JANUARY 2020 | 17 Clints Quarry Nature Reserve

To conclude - Frances and I drive through Cleator fairly regularly, on Main Street, A5086 to Gosforth, Wasdale or Eskdale. We always cast a glance to the right, at the Grocer’s sign, which usually announces ‘Pies or ‘No pies. This is a feature of, the town which Stuart Marconie picked up on in his bestselling book ‘Pies and Prejudice – In Search of the North’. We haven’t yet called in to taste this local delicacy, but it is on the ‘to explore’ list.

Explore and discover! Stan

Blake Fell & Great Bourne from Flat Fell

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