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New Year, but same old dizzy ramblings from me, so welcome back my sparkly lovelies, although this is a fairly serious article, well, by my standards!

So, I was sat at my desk wondering what to witter on about this month, when a customer came into the shop and asked about selling a ring… nothing out of the ordinary there, that is after all what I do. It then developed as we chatted around the topic and veered finally into a conversation that I have almost daily, so I decided that’s what I will write about as: “Oh, I never thought of it that way” is probably something worth sharing with you from my perspective!

I’m talking about your precious engagement ring, which you have worn every day since the love of your life put it on your ‘trembling with excitement’ finger years ago and it still makes you smile every time you see it sparkle. Yes, I am an old romantic at heart! The sentimental value of the piece is utterly invaluable – but the key to my point in that last sentence is ‘years ago’. The prompt for this piece was the customer comment: “But I got a valuation when I bought it!” That’s great but if it was more than three years ago. then it is outdated by insurance industry standards and you will potentially be UNDER insured for replacement purposes.

Also, this most precious ring goes on your finger and it most likely stays on, it’s safe there, it’s there every day and it showers, sleeps, cooks, gardens, cleans and does the school run with you. Sound familiar? It’s a diamond and they’re forever, right? Yes, they’re the hardest thing known to man, they make drill bits out of them for their awesome cutting super powers but they’re set in gold or platinum and although they are durable metals they’re nowhere near as durable as the diamond(s) they’re holding in place. So, with the passing years the mount and claws will wear out. Like tyres on a car they need replacing to keep the precious cargo safe and secure! It’s fair to say that a ring worn daily would benefit from an annual check-over to make sure no remedial work is required and probably re-tipping will be necessary every decade… it’s much cheaper to replace a claw than a diamond! If the worst did happen and you lost a diamond your insurance company would certainly ask: “When was the mount last checked over by a jeweller?” You could end up not being covered if the answer is never!

So, New Year, New Resolution to look after yourself better, why wouldn’t you include your most treasured possessions in that equation?

I can have an up-to-date insurance valuation prepared for you in my trusted independent Birmingham Jewellery Quarter workshop for a fixed price of just £49.00. Plus, whilst it is in the workshop, they can also check over the ring setting at the same time, giving professional advice to you and noting any remedial work that needs to be undertaken, to help keep your jewellery wearable for a continuing lifetime of sparkles. If any work is required, the quotation is free and no obligation.

Feel free to pop in for a chat, I am always happy to try and advise you on anything that glitters!

With Love and Sparkles, Tessa

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One 18ct. white 11 stone diamond ring Centre: 4 claw set round brilliant cut diamond approximately .85cts VS2 grade F-G colour and 5 baguette diamonds, horizontal rub over set down each shoulder, 2.2mm x 1mm each

Retail price: £12,000

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