Mothers Aren’t Allowed To Get Sick

Sonoma County, CA. ~ There is this tradition in America that goes back as long as most folks can remember. “Mothers aren’t allowed to get sick.” Things being

like they are today, there are a lot more of us fathers being moth- ers than ever before.


guess what, welcome to equal opportu- nity. “Fathers aren’t allowed to get sick.” As a child, a


cold was actually a blessing. Being one of six children can sometimes make you feel that maybe you’re just not getting the attention you would like.

by Gabriel A. Fraire of Healdsburg, CA ~ not.

But get sick, and Mom is tuck- ing you in and bringing you ginger ale and chicken soup. It’s quite a pampered feeling that made me feel better right away. Being

once I was married,

sick but

before we had children, wasn’t too bad. My wife is the nurtur- ing type and she enjoyed fussing over me. But once you have chil- dren you are no longer al-

lowed to be sick. And if you are sick and a par- ent, so what, a two year old wants that 6:30 a.m. cereal whether you head hurts OR

Whenever a parent gets sick he thinks his kids get stupid. So, I tried what every mother must have tried down through the ages. I said to my two year old. “Wouldn’t you like to take a little nap with dad?” It didn’t work and I got up. Did what needed to be done while feeling miserable all day long. And at the end of that day I learned to love my mother even more.

Gabriel A. Fraire has been a writer more than 45 years. He has written fiction and non-fiction books, plays, poems, music lyrics, and news articles.


But, he writes about his children exclusively for the Upbeat Times.

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