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Paul, thank you so much for your publication. I just moved to Sonoma (town) and picked

up your paper at a store, maybe BevMo, as I needed some cheering up after Get- ting our house straightened out before my wife arrives. We moved from the Colorado mountains, maybe tired of snow, and the summer in Vermont, so a lot to digest getting acclimated to a new community when you are well past 60, even though I have the energy of a snowboarder. Your verbal commute was just perfect for me, thank you

again for a great paper! If I can do anything for you in Sonoma, do not hesitate to ask. All

the best, Jerry Spring

__ ____ ___ ___ ____ _ Hi Paul,

I occasionally newspaper,


read your it

always Small Gas Insert starting at

$1829.00 INCLUDING Vent kit

(Valued at $460)

makes me laugh and feel better. Your latest column seemed to allude to you receiving some negative feedback from a few folks. Am I reading this right? Wow! I just can’t fathom why people would be a downer to you when you provide such an upper to so many. Water off a duck’s back Paul! Don’t listen to the haters. And keep doing what you do. We love it! Yours, Holly

(stressed spelled backwards is desserts) ________________________

Hi Paul, as you may know, The Save the Redwoods League announced in September its

opportunity to purchase Alder Creek, the largest remaining privately owned giant sequoia property in the world. To fully protect this remarkable grove forever, we asked for the pub- lic’s help in raising the re- quired funds by the end of this year.

They have raised $12 of

the $15.65 million needed to close on the property by the December 31, 2019, and do- nations have come in from all 50 states and 19 countries around the world. Based on the League’s past fundraising campaigns, they


members and the public will contribute generously to help save this last remaining old- growth giant sequoia grove in private ownership. Per- haps you could engage your readers/audience in helping get this project over the finish line, to reach this important goal to permanently protect Alder Creek and its hundreds of giant sequoia trees. December 3, 2019 is Giving

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JOKES & Humor #3 One shop owner asks

another, “So, have you had any reactions yet to your ad that you’re looking for a night guard?”

“Yeah, we got robbed tonight.” ~

My son Luke loves that we chose Star Wars charac- ters as an inspiration when naming our kids. His sister Chewbacca und his brother Boba Fett are less amused.

A lady comes to her doctor and says, “Doctor, you know how you told me I should avoid going up and down stairs as much as possible?”


“Yes,” nods the doctor, “we agreed on that after the latest X-rays.”

• Heat up to 950 Sq. Ft. • No Power Required to operate • Optional Fan, Remote Thermostat • Made in the U.S.A.

“Well I don’t know if it was such a great recommen- dation. All the climbing up and down the rain gutter is really exhausting!”

Being tall is an advantage,

especially in business.

People will

always remem- ber you. And if

you're in a crowd, you'll always have some clean air to

breathe. Julia Child

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