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far from the rolling green hills of farms of the Amish country- side. Driving carefully was the norm since much of the traf- fic was dominated by horse- drawn carriages. Lancaster County has many delightful Amish restaurants and shops. No winter holiday would be complete without Soſt Pretzels! Although many are convinced that pretzels and beer spell “Oktoberfests” around the world, there are legends that an Italian monk, around 610 A. D. rewarded young children with folded strips of dough that resembled the crossed arms of children praying as Easter time rewards for learn- ing their prayers. He called his invention “pretiola.” (Little pretzels). Winter markets sell them throughout Europe! It is true, they say, that Phil-

adelphia, with a large Italian descent population, consumes about 12 times more soſt pret- zels than anywhere else. Te business journals like to point out that the US “pretzel indus- try” has about a $550 million annual worth!

From Lititz, PA direct, Papa

Tim Drexler claims “pretzels are fun to make with family and friends”:

Soſt Pretzels Ingredients:

3 cups all-purpose flour, divided

¼ teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon active dry yeast 3 tablespoons baking soda 1 teaspoon white sugar 3 cups water 2 tablespoons butter softened 2 tablespoons butter, melted 1 1/3 cups water

1 tablespoon coarse sea salt

Directions: 1. Using a large bowl, combine 1 cup of flour, yeast, sugar, 2 tblspns butter, and 1 1/3 cup water. Allow this mixture to rest until bubbles begin to form. (About 15 mins.) Stir in salt, and gradually the re- maining flour until dough can be picked up and kneaded on counter/board until smooth and elastic. (About 8 mins.) Divide dough into 6 pieces. Allow to rest a few minutes. Roll out one piece at a time, turning it into a “rope” about 15 inches long. Twist into pret- zel shape. Set on baking sheet, one by one. Turn on oven to 450 degrees. Add the 3 re- maining cups of water in a pot to boil and add baking soda.

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Remove from heat. Allow pretzels to gently drop into the water “bath” and gently “flip” over to other side.


each pretzel to dry off on paper towels before placing them on a greased baking sheet. Brush with melted butter. Sprinkle lightly with coarse salt. Bake until golden brown for

about 8 to 10 minutes. Many ways to enjoy them: some folks like to put mustard on them. Others like them with more butter or dipped into ketchup or ranch.

May you have plenty of fun with friends and family. Take photos! Stay well and safe and help celebrate Santa Rosa resil- ience! ~ Ellie

Weird Facts & Fun Trivia - 5 The looped pretzel may also be related to a Greek ring bread, derived from communion bread used in monasteries a thousand years ago.

In Germany, there are stories that pretzels were the invention of desperate bakers held hostage by local dignitaries.

The largest soft pretzel of its time, weighing 40 pounds and measuring 5 feet across, is baked by Joseph Nacchio of the Federal Pretzel Baking Company for film “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” in 1963.

Wiggles loves to shop at WFC...

Wiggles is a 8 year old Puggle and comes to Western Farm Center because he loves the selection of food and gets to go in the store and meet other dogs. His owner also shops at the store because crickets are available for his pet turtle. A friend told him about WFC and he’s been a loyal customer since! Another positive is the fact he gets a lot of help from the staff and a much better selection of pet products to choose from than any other pet store in Sonoma County!

Western Farm Center (707) 545-0721

3 One-Hour Massage Gifts: $180. Save $90 Call or Text

Healthy Friday

Since 1967 we’ve been the Favorite Place to shop for pets & farm animals!

The wind is a very difficult sound to get. It's always changing. ~ Captain Beefheart Vaccination clinics every Sunday from 9:30am to 11:30 am

21 West 7th Street • Santa Rosa • Open Mon-Sat 8am-5:30pm • Sun 9:30am-4pm




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