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Facts & Trivia # 1

Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to climb Mount Everest in 1953, was a New Zealander.

2020 Vision! Photo by PAD

It was 73 degrees on 11/10/2019 in Colorado Springs, CO at the 'Garden of The Gods' recreation area. What a great way to spend a Fall day! For me, the holidays are

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Yes, 2020 looks like a great year in many aspects. I think all of us know that there is light at the end of the tunnel for all the chal- lenging times we've all experi- enced from the fires two years ago. Then, yet another set of challenges from the new re- cent fires. I've heard from my friends and many acquain- tances that they are finally moving back into their newly built homes!

This is such good news! I am

so impressed by their strength in so many ways I cannot quite express myself. What I see in the next year is a lot of improvements to this paper. New sections, new contributors, refreshing ideas meant to make picking up this paper even more enjoyable for everyone. I want to thank the new advertisers who joined us in the last three months and all the current businesses who continue to promote their

goods and services with us. I'm also very thankful for the nice notes from readers like you.

Because we are open to submissions from anyone who wants to share their ad- ventures, photos, articles and knowledge about just about any topic and in such a posi- tive manner, we are not short of content and hope you keep on sending it too us! I'd also like to continue the 'Cover' contest. We had quite a few fine photos and art pieces submitted. The goal is to print an upbeat cover every month submitted by our readers. The prize for January 2020 is $150 to the person who contributes the most upbeat design, or up- beat themed photo or art! Also send to: upbeat@upbeattimes. com by December 20th, 2019. I also wanted to wish all of

you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

everyday. It helps with my daily outlook. Christmas has a fine place in my heart also. I remember Grandma's and Grandpa's traditional holiday prime rib and of course the delicious thanksgiving turkey. Being together with my fam- ily was always a great time. Food was the center of the ex- perience! I loved the food my grandma would cook. But as time has gone on, the immediate family have moved away to various parts of the planet. The cool part is...there are always people we adopt as parents, grandparents, brothers,

complete! My mom lives in Lake

County, but long distances are tough on her to drive...but the conversation on Thanksgiv- ing day is delightful, sponta- neous and filled with love. I

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New Zealand won the first ever Rugby World Cup, held in 1987.

The Hector’s Dolphin, the world’s smallest marine dolphin, which grows to a maximum length of 1.5 metres, is found nowhere else in the world but in New Zealand waters.

The Maori name for New Zealand is ‘Aotearoa’. It means “the land of the long white cloud”.

New Zealand is also home to the world’s only flightless parrot, the Kakapo.

sisters, nephews Save $

and cousins. None of us are ever completely alone. There are no shortages of family as I know it! I kind of wish my blood family (my brothers & sister) were here during those times, but my immediate fam- ily of my two fine daughters and my awesome wife make it

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