Upbeat's Entrepreneur Showcase Retirement? What's That? by Paul Andrew Doyle

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ You would think that when someone re- tires they would go on endless vacations, stay at home and work in the garden, work on various hobbies and get plenty of name it...But starting a new business? Absolutely! Meet Barry &

Jackie Duncan, who some of you may know from the UPS store on College Avenue

in Santa

Rosa, California. I've known Jackie

and Barry for over 20 years and Barry even longer. Barry used to be in the newspa- per printing business way back in the 80's and 90's right here in Sonoma County. I really had the

pleasure of getting to know them even bet- ter when they bought a piece of the UPS franchise back in 2002.

It has been a lot of

work Jackie & Barry told me, but very re- warding indeed. Not only did they buy a franchise, they turned it into a very successful ven- ture, including a printing busi- ness on the side to boot. On top of the mail and package business, they print just about any kind of cards, brochures, posters, flyers and even can- vas prints. If it's printable they can do it or find someone who can. This is all on top of run- ning the UPS store! Their whole philosophy on business is based on a strong belief

in excellent customer

service. And, not to mention first and foremost... a friendly attitude toward every cus- tomer. As time flies, and you run a top notch business...the business thrives and....Grows! The work load increases. And sometimes

it's exhausting even in the midst of of finan-

cial stability. Then you need a vacation! You need as many vacations as you can get just to refresh and reboot your en- gines. Jackie & Barry love to take cruises on their time off! Alaska, Baja you name it, they love to cruise anywhere in the world.

many years, and decided that 'why not do what they love to do' and take others on awe- some cruises just about any- where they want to go! Jackie & Barry contacted the me and told me about what they were doing and wanted me to tell you guys what they were up to because it was a positive thing! They asked me if we could make an exclu- sive offer for the Up- beat Times readers to join them on their first round trip cruise from San Francisco all the way up the Pacific West coast to Oregon, Washington, Astoria, British


Vancouver and back to San Francisco! You cant find this

offer anywhere else in Sonoma County and beyond. “As a Cruise Planners fran- chise, I sell complete vacation


This brings us to today. They have sold their UPS busi- ness to a local entrepreneur so they could retire. Retire? What's that? Are you kidding? They're not. They decided to retire...and not a moment later they start a brand new busi- ness franchise called Cruise Planners, an Award-Winning Travel Agency Company do- ing what they love to do and have for over many decades... going on cruises. Cruise Plan- ners are the nation’s largest home-based travel agent fran- chise network in the indus- try. Cruise Planners’ travel professionals independently book amazing vacation and travel

experiences for their

clients around the world. They learned the ins and outs over

from exotic getaways to romantic retreats and culturally-immer- sive European experi- ences to customized African safaris and of course cruises,” Jackie said. “Some people want to go on a cruise one year, and then a land-based vacation the next – I offer them a one-stop-shop with a personalized touch. We know the Upbeat Times read- ers will enjoy what we have to offer! It's great to see many readers all over the world with holding up this great paper while having a good time on their dream vacations!" If you want complete details on their exclusive cruise offering go to page 8 in this issue. We know you will like

Jackie & Barry very much and you'll be very pleased with thier

incredible service and

attention to details and all the fun you'll have joining them on their new venture!

I quit college so fast I didn't even clean out my locker. ~ Steven Spielberg 2020 Vision Special!

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