More than 3,100 High School Students Got a Bite of Reality

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Many financial institutions were closed for the federal holiday on October 14, but Redwood Credit Union (RCU)


closed for a dif- ferent reason: to send all 700 of its employees out to teach practical financial skills to more than 3,100 high school stu- dents across three North Bay coun- ties.

The program,

Bite of Reality, has been presented by RCU to local high school students since 2013, but never at such large scale. On this one im- pactful day, RCU sent its en- tire workforce to 15 schools in Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties. (See Adden-

dum below for county-spe- cific schools.) “We’ve been thrilled to receive many posi- tive responses from the com- munity about this event,” said Brett Martinez,


President and CEO. “Money management


an essential life skill for young people to learn, but because it’s not a graduation requirement, fi- nancial education differs greatly between schools.

The Bite of Reality program helps fill in gaps. It also offers an opportunity to show how credit unions care and are here to support our communities now and into the future.” Elected officials who at- tended the event include Con-

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gressman Mike Thompson in Napa, and Congressman Jared Huffman and State Senator Mike McGuire in San Rafael. Participants in Bite of Re-

ality received a fictional oc- cupation, salary, spouse and family, student-loan debt, credit card debt, and medical insurance payments. Then they visited various table-top stations to “purchase” hous- ing, transportation,


clothing, household necessi- ties, day care, and other essen- tials. The interactive program also included a credit union station to help with financial needs if students overspent. One student participant had

to say about the experience: “I like how we had to pay off our credit and how the credit union helped throughout the process. It was interesting and I think every high school should do it.”

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