Home & Garden Gifts That Make Sense! by Kimberly Childers •

Sonoma County, CA. ~ Gray city sidewalks, garden paths, filling with colorful leaves of autumn shades, end- ing Novem- ber making a


exit! Train songs in the


tance swell- ing


my heart, shadows of jaunt- ing squir- rels


white lat- tice fence, hungry birds peck at suet cakes. Soft pinks of ‘Paris light’ is fading into sun- set. Cold winter rains are be- ginning to fall on driest earth. When Lizzie, my daugh-

ter, was visiting she brought home a lovely potted chrysan- themum with outrageous ma- roonish colored flowers. The blooms are fading away now and I’m going to cut them off, chop and scatter them around the garden. Next, I will fill starter pots with gritty soil, strip off lower leaves after I separate them and plunge each straight stem into soil. Keep- ing them in a warm place with morning sun.

I’ll have little

chrysanthemum plants to put out in spring. It’s that easy! Be sure and give your

Sanseveria plants a big soak for the month. Make sure you have good drainage in their pots. They not only filter the air they are stunning placed around the house. Time to shop for gifts and I

know just the spots to support the local economy and delight your garden friends. Bennet Valley Gardens is offering very cool metal roosters for that whimsical gardener. Gorgeous

holiday wreaths for your door, paperwhite kits to start for the festive table setting. Vibrant colors of cyclamen with their heart shaped leaves and sweet fragrance are wonderful this time


year and this


ery has a perfect selection. These cool lov- ing tuber- ous plants like bright light but out


the direct sun. Pick up a few

gnomes for your special friends.

No garden is com-

plete without a gnome. You decide!

Locally produced West

County gloves are at King’s Nursery in such an outrageous array of colors. They also have their protective rose gloves fitting just short of the elbow, Pon- der gift cer- tificates for that discern- ing gardener. Give your garden friend one of their new incred- ibly fragrant roses, choose Firefighter Red, Neptune a soft lavender purple flower, and white Sugar Moon and more lovingly potted in their special soil mix. King’s also has elegant, healthy house plans of all kinds. the ‘must have’ Felco

pruners, bulbs,

flower seeds and more to ex- plore.

Pricketts has lovely live gar- lands, balled and burlapped live evergreen trees and cut trees for this holiday sea- son. They also have socks to warm your tootsies, perfect for stocking stuffers.


top plants to add to your dé- cor and Poinsettias, Euphorbia pulcherrima, named after the botanist/physician Joel Poin- sett from Mexico where Poin- settias grow 10-15 feet tall! Pricketts has orange, pink, spotted and more to snazz up the house and front porch. There are numerous sites on

line for fresh ideas of what to plant around your house and property that is fire safe. Please check out the lists and lists of beautiful plants such as lav- ender, Rockroses, Purple and red penstemon and a favorite of many Erigeron with its pink and white small flowers to fill in empty areas creeping about and drought tolerant too. Be sure and space your plants so they will have ‘breathing’ room and are easier to prune dead, dying and diseased out. Wise to in- stall a path of


pavers, a bor- der of pavers and whatever great design you come up with.

There are re- usable, wash- able

cloth and mesh

produce bags so we can stop contributing to the 100 billion plastic bags trashed a year that also threaten wildlife. You can order from the myriad of se- lections on line or pick some up at places like Oliver’s and Wholefoods markets. These

...continued on page 28 In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy. ~ William Blake UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • DECEMBER 2019 • Pg 7

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