An Upbeat Times Feature Story Tapping Her Way Into My Wine Heart and Mind

by Jo Diaz of Diaz Communications •

Sonoma County, CA. ~ Dur- ing this year, I wanted to give our Diaz

Innovator of the Year Award to someone very deserving, which has now happened. Before I could even an-

nounce it, though, a press re- lease came out with Rebecca Hopkins' name as being a fi- nalist

in another of the Year Award.

Innovator Beck, as

she likes to call herself, works for Folio Fine Wine Partners,


and is one of the co-creators of A Balanced Glass. So, for the time being, I just let it go... knowing I'd double back around at some point. The time is now, and was prompted by meeting with natural healer Beryl Ryan RN, of TapWithin. More on Beryl Ryan in a bit. Why Beck was being consid- ered... She and Cathy Huyghe, the other co-creator of A Bal- anced Glass and a proprietor with Enolytics, have started a movement within the wine industry that's so exciting and critical. I don't even know if it's a coincidence, or an ex- tension of some cosmic yin yang, that Cathy Huyghe was the last recipient of this award in 2016. Not every year has warranted this award, just for the sake of continuity. What I

do know is that Beck Hopkins has caught our attention and we have deep respect for be- ing so timely, and taking care of some serious wine concern of

how to

live a bal- ance life as a woman of wine.


It's grat- that

some people take respon- sibility


riously... Now, they've taken their early life lessons and entered the wine business. They're thinking about it very differently, too. When they go on the road, for instance, they avoid the after parties, the 'ole "Code of the Road" BS (which freaked me out, when

take it with them, flying, etc.). Then, only to have the guy arrive at the room and begin to undress (that was funny, not funny)... Nope, not these emerging leaders.


planted in solid ground. Still, the ground's got a fault line, so they're having em-

[PHOTO: From A Balanced Glass website]

I heard about it). And, not having someone in the trade come to their rooms anymore to take away the left over wine (because these women can't

powerment conferences, to figure it all out. A large num- ber of them are chanting what we chanted, engaging in yogic practices, meditating, having children


own way ~ or not having them, and re- emerging as soon as the last one's in kindergarten. It's great

to watch them

really working hard at that balance and begin to really bloom.

There's one aspect of this that's just emerged for me... Brand new concept. I'm a little late to the party, but I've now

...continued on page 20

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson


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