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Sonoma County, CA. ~ Every time I walk outside on most evenings and look up at the stars, I am reminded how small I really am. With binoc- ulars in hand, I slowly scan the night time stars. The light of the city only sl ightl y impe de s my ability to

look at

star after star. On my smart device,


bought the Night Time Sky APP ($3.99) which al- lows me to pinpoint our plan- ets, the basic

and their names.

stars At

the same

time, it describes the origin of their names. I can even follow the International Space Sta- tion! Every five to ten minutes jets fly high above transporting passengers all over the globe. I see satellites, a lot of them! This planet is alive and well. What’s fascinating and com- pletely overwhelming is the vastness of space. Based on recent

Hubble photographs,

it might be larger than anyone ever expected.

What I am alluding to is a where.

As I move through life, I seek a simpler way of living. All the technology is fine, the TV, the shows and the enter- tainments of the world. The super overflow of informa- tion we are all bombarded with keeps us stimulated and learning. I am fully satiated with this abundance! The new world library is the internet itself. I could sit and read ev- ery second and hour of every day for the rest of my life and

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reminder to all that we are on the same planet together, we call Earth. We are in the mid- dle of nowhere. But we are definitely somewhere. Some of us are here on a daily basis, alive & well, and others are definitely out there in more ways than one. I am reminded of my rela- tive small- ness each and ev- ery


I look up, but won- der if the masses of the world population feel


same. It’s not impor- tant feel

they the

way I do at all. But it


help bring a bit more peace


st abi l i ty w ithin communi- ties every-

learn more than I ever could fathom. I could feel more im- portant and smarter than ev- eryone else. I could become richer than everyone else and feel powerful if I wanted. But why? I personally know peo- ple who feel superior because of their wealth or excessive knowledge on any given sub- ject. I realize it’s possible they feel entitled to share it, unin- vited, regardless of the harm it might cause or the good they think it might do. Sometimes I meet or hear from these people on occasion. They humble me in a positive way. That is why am highly determined to continue this newspaper. I am stronger than ever. Against all odds I have survived. I was told Upbeat Times couldn’t be done way back when, that people don’t care about goody-goody news and how perfect the world is, and that it would never work. I still have a huge amount of room to get better at publish-

ing this paper. Sometimes people who comment on what it is we do and are critical, are missing the point of what the Upbeat Times stands for. This paper is for us all. It is aimed at reminding us to ‘Lighten UP’. Take a moment and smell the roses, I was told from a young age. Life is moving quickly for some and slower for others. Taking ourselves so seriously is not the healthiest behavior. I take this paper seriously, but not to the extent I cannot have fun. As you read the paper, you’ll find just about something for everyone. Yes, it is simple on purpose. I don’t look for the differences I have with people to make my point; I find the inherent common- alities so that we might live in a more harmonious envi- ronment day to day. In this paper, I publish positive and thought-provoking


I’ve accumulated over the years as well as people who

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Facts & Trivia # 1 Getting Stronger!

For decades, candy makers lobbied for daylight saving time, believing it would lead to more candy sales around Halloween. However, after the federal government established daylight saving, children simply waited until dark to go trick-or-treating.

William Willett (1856-1915), an early-rising Englishman, was the first to propose to the English parliament a type of daylight saving time. Rather than setting the clocks an hour all at once, he suggested setting the clocks forward in 20-minute increments over 4 Sundays in April and back in 20-minute increments over 4 Sundays in September. His proposal was rejected.

In Antarctica, there is no daylight in the winter months and there is 24-hour daylight in the summer; however, researcher stations there still observe daylight saving to coincide with their supply stations in New Zealand or Chile.

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