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GOLF 101

The Great Outdoors Opening The Mind And Keeping It Fresh

by James Fish •

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Home is where the heart is as the old saying goes. Most of us are creatures of habit and hav- ing a home is really not such a bad thing. Sometimes the temples of our familiar can feel just like a straight-jacket that we need to bust out of. Like kids that are finally ready to flee the proverbial nest. In the comfort of our childhood homes, there burns a flame in each of us to taste the realm of freedom. Golf entreats us to that place. Playing one’s home

course week after week can get a little old. If we don’t see different venues and land- scapes, the novelty of life can disappear. Foxtail Golf Club is my home course where I play and teach. I have played that North course so many times you’d think I was on a merry-go-round. So if I have a chance to go and play else- where, I do! In fact, when the heat gets to be too much, I jump on eagle wings and soar out to the links of Bodega Harbor. The temperature in Bodega is cooler by an aver- age of twenty degrees. Bodega is truly a links golf course chiseled by the sweep of sand dunes and westerly winds that often reach gale force. Learning how to play golf on this kind of course is no walk in the park. If you learn how to play shots into a fierce wind, it will be a good way to cut your teeth. The best advice I can give to any stu- dent of the game about play- ing into the wind is this; slow your swing down and lighten the pressure in your grip, es-


pecially your trail hand. If you do these things you will find more ac-

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racy, better trajec- tory and balance. As in golf and in life, change i s a driving force at just about


t urn. How w e

can be one way to stretch our canvas. If art truly imitates life, why not venture out into the great mystery of the un- known. Hiking on the same old beaten down trail can re- ally be a bit too predictable and pedestrian. We were not meant to be one-trick ponies. Lots of folks set- tle for re-runs of Happy Days because that’s all they know. Yes, we all love happy fairy tale endings, but life is complex and golf has a

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with change equates to how well we stay in balance. Sometimes not knowing what’s around that next corner

cute way of keeping us quite humble. Getting off our duffs to play a new and different course is the best way to stay young at heart and open in the mind.

downright miracle, and those who come into her wake will become wide awake... un- blocking anything tout suite. All of the executives in the wine business, this is another tool in your toolbox, for stay- ing healthy in the midst of so many temptations. This set of twins has just entered the first grade, as tap-

pers. What a gift to their class! I also can't help but think, if they can be tappers, so can we all. We then live with less stress and hand that down through generations. I'm an optimist. If it weren't

for the optimists, we'd all still be living in caves; empathy and foresight lead us forward.

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“Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.” -Arnold Palmer


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